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Do you struggle with maintaining a healthy weight and a balanced relationship with food? Almost every week, a new diet emerges in the media, proclaiming a quick fix and promising better health. These are hard to ignore when we’re on a mission to shed pounds. Unfortunately, most fad diets don’t... Read More
Perhaps you’re familiar with the expression, you create your reality. It’s a popular and catchy phrase frequently used in the Human Potential Movement that refers to the way our mind, through attention and intention, structures our experiences and perceives our reality. Dr. David Simon once said, “... Read More
Devotees of mindfulness meditation—often described as non-judgemental attention to present moment experiences—will be well-versed in the many benefits of their practice. Benefits include the following: More focused attention Relaxation Positive shifts in mood Enhanced self-awareness Improved health... Read More
"When your room is clean and uncluttered, you have no choice but to examine your inner state." - Marie Kondo, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up For many of us, spring cleaning typically brings to mind images of clearing out the overabundance of clutter in our garage, attic, home, or office, and... Read More
“We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.” -Galileo Galilei The path of being or becoming a teacher in the field of yoga, meditation, or the like is a rewarding and powerful journey of self-discovery. There may be a time, however, either when one is just... Read More
We all want to live stress-free lives, and children are no exception. Childhood meditation can improve inner peace, concentration, and confidence. However, meditating with your children on a regular basis can be difficult if you do not apply variation. A child’s mind is discovering what it likes or... Read More
Grief can be one of the most difficult things to overcome and can make us feel like we’ve been thrown into an emotional storm. Grief, at its core, is overwhelming sadness caused by a loss of someone or something we love. Grief can take on many forms, such as: Anger Fear Loneliness Depression Regret... Read More
Artists and art lovers alike have gathered the evidence to support their belief that unless you are filled with angst like Bob Dylan, Alanis Morissette, or Ernest Hemingway, you might not be able to tap into your creativity. Even Socrates and Plato historically took “melancholic habitus” (a sulking... Read More