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sad couple
The path to becoming more spiritually evolved can take many routes, but they all include learning self-awareness, integrity, love, compassion, courage, kindness, acceptance, and maturity. Is it possible for a relationship to stay strong when one partner is following this path at a different pace...Read More
setting goals making lists
Everyone operates with some kind of understanding of what’s right or wrong, good or bad, scary or safe. But not many people ask themselves why they think this way or do what they do. You may have some surface-level idea of what makes you tick, but probably not to the extent that you are able to...Read More
A mature couple practicing a yoga pose during a retreat
Each year, millions of people across the globe withdraw from their frenetic lifestyles for a week or two in an attempt to rest, rejuvenate, and recoup. These getaways range from family holidays to adventure trips to secluded exotic retreats. However, after a year's hard work when the time comes to...Read More
man writing
Modern society has reversed the priorities that once ruled society in an age of faith, where spiritual advancement (i.e., avoiding sin and pleasing God) came first and worldly success second. Today many people are rediscovering the spiritual path, but even so they approach it as an add-on to a life...Read More
reading inspirational literature
A stay-at-home yoga retreat can provide a lot of the same benefits as a destination retreat, without the cost and headache of travel. Follow these 12 steps to help you set up your own personal retreat.Read More
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