Yoga instructor teaching yoga to seniors
Getting older presents many gifts—maturity, grace, wisdom, experience, and perspective, to name a few. Growing older can also carry many challenges. Physically, it becomes harder to keep extra weight off. According to the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, over one third of adults 65 and... Read More
man meditating hands
Anxiety can be a daunting emotional state to find yourself in, regardless of whether the driver of the emotion is significant or totally benign. It’s that feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease. It’s the fear of what might happen. It can even be marked by physiological signs such as sweating,... Read More
vegetable stick snacks with dip
Diets are not the answer for long-term weight loss. If you’re tired of losing and gaining the same twenty pounds over and over again, you probably already know that. For the past fifty years, most people have turned to restrictive diets and intense exercise as the answers to weight loss. However,... Read More
Young ethnic woman comforting a Hispanic lady
It has often been thought of as a selfless act, but now research is also showing that altruism may benefit the giver as much as the receiver. In fact, the reach of kindness is so large that even witnessing kindness is good for you. Kindness begins when you initiate an action for the good of another... Read More
woman teaching a class
 “A child cannot be born without a father and a mother. Clothes cannot be washed without water. There can be no horseman without a horse. So, without a Master, none can reach the court of the Lord.”- Kabir Do You Need a Guru? As you progress on your spiritual journey, sooner or later the question... Read More