Emotional Healing

If you find yourself suffering with emotional pain and notice it’s taking a hold on your life, our emotional healing workshops may be able to help. Emotional pain can takes many forms—from grief and heartache to stress, anxiety and burnout. When you don’t move through emotional pain, it can end building up emotional toxicity and affecting your life. Our emotional healing workshops help you move through emotional pain so you can experience true happiness in the present moment. 

Learn more from an expert on what program may be right for you. 

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At our first-ever Women’s Retreat, world-renowned speaker and bestselling author, Byron Katie will guide you through her simple and powerful process of inquiry called “The Work” and will be joined by world-renowned clinical psychologist, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, and social media entrepreneur, Mallika Chopra.Program Info
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"Moksha is not an ending–but a beginning. We begin to live in fullness only after liberation." -Deepak Chopra The Chopra Center’s Transcending Emotions event is an extraordinary opportunity to gain access to a state of emotional balance and freedom, or the ancient Vedic concept of Moksha. Loosely...Program Info