woman meditating at work
Nearly every person has experienced cancer in some way. Whether you have had a bout with cancer yourself or have known someone who has, one thing is for sure, cancer has become a prevalent world problem. According to the World Health Organization, cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide.... Read More
Chicken broth on a wooden table with carrots and celery
Bone broths have been part of traditional diets around the world for thousands of years. You’ve probably used them for soups or other dishes for flavor, but did you know that they also have incredible healing capacities? Why Bone Broth Is Good for You There’s a reason your grandmother always fed... Read More
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What you expect from life is crucially important, but how is this measured? A leading measure of how well a society is doing touches upon expectations. Well-being is correlated with how many people report that they are thriving, and you'd expect that in prosperous developed countries, a healthy... Read More
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Each of the seasons has its own particular energy that represents where nature is in its recurring cycle of birth, transformation, and death. As a being who is closely connected to—and directly affected by—the rhythms of nature, you can capture and use the energy of the season by moving through... Read More
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Are you yearning to reap the benefits of a meditation practice, but intimidated by the act of sitting still? Meditation is a simple, effortless process for some—but it can feel like an overwhelming chore for others. The good news is that there are many ways you can cultivate a state of peaceful... Read More