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Paige Davis

Paige Davis is an entrepreneur, mind-body enthusiast, and a recent breast cancer survivor living in Austin, Texas. She is currently co-founder of a sustainable lifestyle product company, BlueAvocado. With a passion for integrative health and sustainable living, Paige has also worked as a Pilates teacher and a Feng Shui consultant. She is passionate about inspiring and embracing change from a personal place of awareness and enjoys sharing her musings about living a more conscious life. You can read more about Paige's post cancer experience and life journey on her blog The Sunshine Chronicles.

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Group meditation at Seduction of Spirit 2012
About a year and a half ago I attended my first official meditation retreat. It was with Deepak Chopra and The Chopra Center. Prior to this, I was what would be described as a "crisis meditator" tapping into the practice at the most expected of times (i.e., New Year's resolution) or the most desperate times (i.e., overly stressed, overwhelmed, etc). My decision to attend the...