Young woman meditating in Lotus position at the park.
Meditation Practices to Connect to Light During Dark Seasons
The darker seasons of autumn and winter provide a special opportunity for self-inquiry as we head into a partial hibernation. We snuggle in at night to keep warm, we feel tired earlier because the sun has set, and we can lower the lights in the home to stay attuned to the season.

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Five Practices to Amplify the Benefits of Autumn

During this time of year, the effects of fewer hours of sunlight begin to affect our mind and body. This can be a positive experience. The darker months create conditions for much-needed restorative time, and our circadian rhythm adapts to prepare us for winding down earlier in the evening. When we align our lifestyle with the pace of the world around us, each season shows us its gifts, and we feel nourished and balanced.

Heidi Spear
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Mind-Body Health

Natural Ways to Boost Immunity, Balance Vata, and Lean into the Joys of Autumn

Welcome autumn when school begins, the number of evening hours increase, and vata dosha characterizes the new season. September marks the perfect time to reinstate routine into our lives, as we walk in autumn air that cools our cheeks. For some, the idea of routine might sound restrictive. In reality, routines help balance vata dosha, leading to a sense of being grounded, nourished, and supported. Cherishing the differences of each season and altering our self-care routines accordingly paves the way for smooth and joyful transitions allowing us to appreciate all that nature offers.

Heidi Spear