Sanjeev Verma

Vedic astrologer, Yoga and Vedic lifestyle master counselor

Sanjeev Verma is a yoga and meditation master, life coach, spiritual mentor, and Vedic astrologer based in Canada. For the past several decades, he has helped thousands of people around the world take control of their lives and to make their dreams become reality.  He offers lectures and workshops on Vedic philosophy throughout India, the Unites States, and Canada.  

As a master of Vedic astrology, Sanjeev provides personal readings that combine his vast knowledge of Jyotish with compassionate, practical guidance. He has studied directly under some of India’s most respected Vedic and spiritual masters and is a yoga practitioner and teacher. He also guides other Vedic astrologers into a deeper understanding of the predictive aspects of astrology.

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Important Note: Vedic Counseling readings are for educational purposes only. They are not meant to replace other forms of counseling, medical treatment, or therapy.

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