Featured Teacher

Utku Oguz

Certified in:Primordial Sound Meditation
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
: utku67@gmail.com

What inspires you to teach?

I decided to teach meditation because of the huge transformation and “liberation” it caused in my life. When I achieved that, I experienced a very interesting moment in which I almost wanted to invite every single bypasser from our street to our home and teach them this incredibly powerful yet so liberating life-technology. I said to myself “OMG ! If only more people could know about this!”

The difference in me before and after I started my meditation journey can be nominated as simple as between being a slave and a totally liberated free man! What a dramatic difference isn’t it?

I have been a huge fan of Dr. Chopra for many years. When he came to Istanbul, Turkey for a 2 hour lecture, I went to see him. My decision was made at that moment: I was first going to learn meditation.  Then I got my mantra from Ms.Sorman in Istanbul and this was the start of my meditation journey.

In those days the syncronicities ran so wild that while I was amazed with the kind of transformations in my life thanks to meditation, an email arrived in my inbox:

It was the announcement of the next available MEDITATION TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAM at the Chopra Center. When I received that, I did not hesitate one single moment  to sign up for the teacher training program. As a matter of fact, my wife was standing next to me at that moment. I said o her “we are going!”  She asked “where? To San Diego? Why ?“. I said, "Because I decided to be a meditation teacher and you are coming with me too!"

Coming back to San  Diego was going to be an interesting experience for me because I had completed my masters degree at the National University in San Diego 20+ years ago and since then I had never been back. And what a coincidence that I was going back to the same part of California for educational purposes again! Another nice thing is that, although teaching meditation to people was never at the top of my wife's agenda, she wanted to take the class. She ended up being the Valedictorian (top student) of our class!

Since then, I have been teaching non-stop. I taught more than 400 students from 26 countries since my start.

I try to offer my seminars 2 times a month minimum; if possible more. I accept a maximum of 12 people into each class. I would like to thank the GRAND HYATT HOTEL because they have been providing excellent conditions and environment for my courses in Istanbul from the very beginning of my teaching carrier. I cannot thank them enough for their kindness and support.

During my training to be a meditation teacher at the Chopra Center, the culminating moment was when Dr. Deepak Chopra entered our classroom and lectured exclusively for us. That moment was truely a very emotional point in my life. May be for many this may seem to be an exaggerated statement but the moment Dr. Chopra appeared through the threshold of the classroom door, I though the sun was rising second time that day but this time in our class! Although Dr. Chopra  was very tired because of his long trip back from India, he sacrified his sleep and came to the class just to teach us directly.

What an honor!

I still feel blessed to be in his wonderful presence and his physical energy. I always seeked to unite spirtuality and the science. Dr. Chopra has alread realized that and this is the reason he has always been a role model for me. Another reason why I truly admire him so much is because of his huge contribution to the promotion of the mystical poet RUMI to the world (who lived 90% of his life in the home town where I was born in Turkey: KONYA).

Another great luck, privilege, and honor has been to spend many hours with Dr. David Simon who was the co-founder of the Chopra Center and who passed away last year. He was a true enlightened spirit, a great speaker, and an outstanding teacher. I bow to his legacy and memory...

I found the LAW OF LEAST EFFORT always working  and always on my side during my meditation teaching career. This proves to me that It was my true life's purpose. I don’t even aggresively advertise my courses; I have never been in media and I have a very modest presence on Facebook.

I only have a very modest web site which I use only as an announcement board. People come to me with by word of mouth and since last year almost every  class of mine has been FULL. The reason why I have been so successful in reaching  many people and why things keep flowing so easily, totally in line with the law of least effort is probably because of my devotion to the meditation practice.

As a meditation teacher I personally think that my first duty should be WALKING THE TALK and living what I teach. Maybe this is another reason why the power of the universe has always been on my side during this wonderful teaching journey.

I teach actively around the world and I teach in THREE different languages. Being exposed to different cultures has always given me extra pleasure. In that regard, teaching in three different language truly gives me an immense pleasure.

Today, thanks to my growing experience, I am not only teaching how to meditate but much more than that. Some people even call my courses “Spirtuality 101”. I not only teach the practce itself purely but its vital role in setting our connections with our non-local dimensions.

I am also trying to give as much scientific research results as possible about the benefits of meditation because sometimes totally left brain people can have a hard time believing that such huge positive outcomes could come out of doing nothing!  There comes the teaching of “the law of least effort” and the start of the 7 Spiritual Laws teachings.

In these courses, I advise them to keep an ayurvedic diet for 21 days, even if they don’t want to lead a vegeterian life afterwards. Many people seem to like that.

I also have an online video library which is open only and exclusively to my students. After the course, they also receive a reading list and guidelines on how to find their true life purpose with a number of different tools. Most of them find these tools extremely useful.

When I organize courses in foreign languages sometimes people come from the neighbouring countries as well, which gives them the opportunity to get to know the wonderful cultural treasures of Istanbul too.

On the Teachers Path

Jeanie Olson

What are you becoming certified in: Perfect Health
Fresno, California
When will you graduate as a Chopra Center certified teacher?
July 2013
Email: jeaniecolson@aol.com

What was your first Chopra Center experience?

My first Chopra Center experience was when my mother and I attended the Perfect Health Program in February of 2012. It was a gift to ourselves because we had been separated by long distances for many years and now with the death of her husband and my recent retirement, we fulfilled a life long dream to attend the Chopra Center. It was amazing! I could see this information through her eyes and experience, as well as my own. What a rare gift it was!

What was going on in your life when you first became immersed in or attracted to the Chopra Center teachings?

Dr. Chopra became a part of my life long before I attended the events at the Chopra Center. My mother had introduced me to the writings of Dr. Chopra and through the years I had read many of his books. I am the type of learner that benefits from active engagement, dialogue and discussion. Working in isolation with this material I knew I wasn’t fully internalizing all that it had to offer.  I had recently retired and was finding that I wanted an entirely new direction in this chapter of my life. This phase of my life offered me new freedoms and the potential of developing myself in a more profound way.  After the Perfect Health experience I then participated in the Journey into Healing. In my desire to understand this material more thoroughly, integrate it into my daily experience more fully and ultimately propel my life in a new direction I put forth my application for the Perfect Health teacher’s path.

What is your daily meditation practice like?

I had been trained in Transcendental Meditation and had meditated on and off for most of my life.  After receiving my primordial sound mantra at the Chopra Center, my meditation practice changed dramatically.  It was easy, calming, and restorative. After arriving home I carefully put together a ritual that would support my desire for a truly restorative and balancing practice. I knew that a thoughtful protocol would serve as a dynamic thread connecting each isolated task into a culminating launch of my day.

I awaken, naturally and easily without an alarm clock, around 5:00 AM. I take my morning shower, perform my abyanga routine, gather my two dogs, and arrive at my meditation space rested, cleansed, and refreshed. I am lucky that I have an upstairs room in my home that contains a soothing place to practice my yoga and a personally designed space to meditate. By 6:00 AM I arrive upstairs among the trees, surrounded with the sounds of nature, filled with the scents that I love and a chair that fits me perfectly. I place my meditation sign (that I received at the Chopra Center) on the door and gently close the door to tell the world I am in deep conversation with myself.  With the windows open and the early morning breeze coming through I meditate with the rise of the sun. I conclude this morning practice by reading the Law of the Day, which sets my intention as I move throughout my endeavors.

In the afternoon between 4:00-5:00 I perform the Sun Salutations, which help me to decompress from my day,  I mediate again, and often write in my journal.

Having a thoughtful practice has made a significant difference in my life. Everything I bring to it coalesces through meditation and has a presence throughout my day. When I am balanced and well supported in the framework of my daily ventures I handle the turbulence of life better. A better version of myself walks through the day because of my sustained meditation practice.

How have these teachings changed your life?

I believe that profound teachings change your life because they resonate with the deepest part of yourself and you instinctively know that the information can serve you in a powerful way. These teachings have enabled me to bridge the wealth of eclectic beliefs I have held about health, consciousness and happiness and allowed me to mesh them into a fabric that now gives my life structure, continuity and depth. It is a grounding that can serve me in all aspects of my life journey. I now have the framework I wish I had when I was younger. However, since this is the time life has afforded me to acquire this knowledge, and not in my youth, I trust that this is my time to know and to move ahead.

How do you intend to share these teachings once you become certified?

I am still a work in progress. Originally when I set out on this journey I wanted to deepen my own personal experience and that emphasis is certainly at the forefront now as I move closer to the certification process.  However, what started out to be simply my own personal growth is lighting the path to something larger than my own life. Dr. Chopra’s work is becoming universally known and I am finding that people around me are intrigued about my journey on the teacher’s path and are interested in the material. I am content, at the moment, to not have all the answers of how this information might find a venue and I am happy to walk in the mystery as it unfolds.

Do you have any words of inspiration for others on the Teachers Path?

When I embarked on this endeavor I was energized and excited. I had been at the Chopra Center and was in an environment that by nature, is abundant with dialogue, highly stimulating and structurally supportive. At home I began reading the books and organizing my own study format and found the curriculum expansive. I started to understand the reality of what I had taken on and I became overwhelmed and doubtful of my abilities. The reality of embarking on a new life direction was becoming my own “mini classroom” in which I was the student of my own life curriculum.  Rather than seat myself in doubt and confusion, I turned to what had brought me on this journey in the beginning, the Perfect Health curriculum. The challenges and the accompanying emotions serve as the perfect platform to apply these teachings and make it personal. This has reminded me that some of the things we want are ultimately rewarding because they asked us to stretch and grow. I altered the emphasis of my study from learning it in mass and trying to store it all to really attempting to digest the teaching so I could “be” the material. It’s a simple shift in perspective but it changes the view.

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