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Certified Instructors Attend Seduction of Spirit in Whistler

 A wonderful group of Chopra Center Certified Instructors joined us for Seduction of Spirit in magical Whistler, BC Canada in early July. It was a beautiful event with unforgettable moments.

SOS Whistler

Awaken to Happiness

Join us for a journey to the heart of happiness!

When you ask people why they want something, the ultimate answer is the same: They believe that when they get what they want, they will be happy. This turns out to be untrue. Authentic success, wealth, vibrant health and loving relationships are the byproducts of happiness rather than the cause. When you're happy, you're more likely to make choices that lead to all these things.

The Chopra Center has created the Awaken to Happiness series to help you create more joy and bliss in your life. This free 8-week online series is based on Deepak Chopra's  best-selling books Spiritual Solutions and The Ultimate Happiness Prescription. Each week you will receive a new lesson with inspiration, exercises, and guidance to help you tap into your own inner source of happiness.

For the next eight weeks* of the Awaken to Happiness series, we invite you to focus on happiness as your ultimate goal. Here is the pathway we will be exploring:

  • Week 1: Identify Your True Source of Happiness
  • Week 2: Tune into Your Body's Wisdom
  • Week 3: Discover Authentic Sefl-Esteem
  • Week 4: Detoxify Your Life
  • Week 5: Open Your Heart
  • Week  6: Cultivate the Gifts of Mindfulness
  • Week 7: Replace Fear with Love
  • Week 8: Celebrate!

Join us and invite your friends and family to share the collective energy and intention to experience our innate state of happiness, love, and higher awareness. Sign up here.

Special Discount for Sages & Scientists

Join us for this year’s Sages and Scientists event on August 16-18 at La Costa Resort.


The Merging of a New Future will explore a series of fantastic emerging facts – the only genuine currency of science – and a contemporary synthesis where science and soul coexist comfortably. Without such a merging, our world cannot survive. Some of the most urgent questions facing our future evolution will be addressed.

Everything will be examined from the perspectives of both sages and scientists, with a view to finding common ground.

Certified Instructors and guests on the Teachers Path receive a discount.  Enter in the code SANDIEGO2013 when completing registration.

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