A Conversation with Deepak Chopra on Spiritual Solutions


1. You wrote this book as “answers to life’s greatest challenges.” How different are those answers from (or how similar are they to) stories from patients you have worked with as a physician? (Please expand on the difference between advice and solutions.)
My initial books were based on stories from patients. “Spiritual Solutions” is really not an advice book in the classical sense; because instead of giving specific advice, I offer people tools to find their own answers by expanding their awareness. People usually don't listen to advice, but if they can find validation through their own insights they find it much more fulfilling.
2. Why are your suggested responses to our challenges called “spiritual” solutions? In other words, what’s “spiritual” about the solutions you propose?
I equate spirituality with the realm of pure consciousness. Consciousness is a field of infinite possibilities, a field of correlation, creativity and intentionality. In my definition I include insight, intuition, inspiration, and creativity. It is a process that allows you to find new context and new meaning in your own awareness.
3. How different are these spiritual solutions from what a psychotherapist or a good friend would say when asked for advice?
Psychotherapy and advice are usually in the realm mental experience. “Spiritual Solutions” goes beyond the mind.
4. In your book, you write that life need not be a struggle. Yet, worries, anxieties and challenges seem to be the kind of things that spur our creativity, and make our lifes interesting. Please expand on this. Also, I’d be interested to hear if your personal experiences on the level where problems do not exist confirm or contradict this.
A little bit of divine discontent is definitely a source of great creativity and I find myself frequently discontented at the unimaginative and uncreative way society struggles with challenges.  My own experience is that usually I don't find myself struggling because over the years I have learned to accept situations as they are, not take offense at personal criticism, and always look for creative solutions.  If I seem to be a contradiction, I am comfortable with that too.
5. If I were to ask your family, friends, neighbors, and the people who work for/with you what level of consciousness you’re at most of the time, what would they say? What spiritual solution would they suggest to you?
I don't know.
6. How do you think a spiritual solution to the current economic crisis would look like?
It would involve looking for opportunities in all of our current challenges.  A new economy could be created through new technologies for a sustainable planet, i.e., technologies that do not use fossil fuels for energy.  New economies would also be created through creative conflict resolution and using resources, now spent on military and mechanized death, to build infrastructure and educate the younger generation.  A new economy will also aim to remove social and economic injustice through a creation of a Just Capital 100 Index, which would compete with Dow Jones and S&P 500 by identifying companies, and corporations who provide sustainably and move society in the direction of a peaceful, just, and sustainable planet.

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