Journey into Healing


This month we are exploring the topic Spiritual Solutions.

In Living Dharma, Deepak Chopra explores his book "Spiritual Solutions" and how it can impact our lives.

In Deepak's section, he presents the Consciousness Project and how to crack the cosmic code.

In Vedic Wisdom, Deepak Chopra discusses the stages we move through in our awareness of God so we can allow peace to replace the mind's chaotic activity and inner turmoil.

In the Teacher Spotlights section, you will learn about our featured teacher Waran Karl and about Babita Saaraswat, our teacher on the certification path.

In addition, the CCU News section features the certified instructors who attended Seduction of Spirit in Whistler, announces the free online series Awaken to Happiness, and highlights the upcoming Sages and Scientists Symposium.


This month’s issue features:

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