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Hello from the Chopra Center University Team!

The Chopra Center University team is dedicated to:

  • Helping people understand and integrate these timeless teachings into their lives
  • Developing nourishing and fulfilling personal practices
  • Helping to build and create community around these teachings
  • Encouraging others to experience what you have experienced

 Welcome our newest CCU staff, Cindy Cordova and Ken DeBell.

CCU Staff

Pictured from left to right:
Cindy Cordova, Erica Lopez, Teresa Long, Trista Thorp, and Ken DeBell.

Yoga Teacher Training Graduation


We'd like to welcome and congratulate all our new Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga teachers who just graduated in November.

The Weightless Project


Our world is facing a severe health crisis. While obesity is considered to be one of the biggest problems of the 21st century, according to the WHO the single greatest threat to the world’s public health is hunger and malnutrition. Every year nearly 2.8 million people die due to obesity, and at the same time there are over 6 million children dying from starvation.


How It Works

To take on obesity and hunger simultaneously, the Weightless Project enables those who need to lose weight to help those who desperately need to gain. By partnering with health and fitness brands around the world, any attempt at trying to get in shape will be monetized to generate funds.

Click here to find out more about the The Weightless Project.

Thanking You for 2013 ... Wishing You the Best for 2014

As we end the year, the entire CCU staff would like to extend to you our warmest blessings and best wishes for a happy holiday season. In 2013 we certified 245 new teachers and had 285 people enter the teachers path for 2014. Thank you for helping make 2013 a great year for all of us by expressing your truth and light through the adventure of teaching!

~ Namsate from Teresa, Trista, Erica, Cindy, and Ken ... and the entire Chopra Center ~

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