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Featured Teacher

Magali Devi

Certified in:Primordial Sound Meditation, Perfect Health, and Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga
Location: Europe

What inspires you to teach?

The desire to deepen my own practice. To awaken the inner child in everyone, I am allowed to share those precious tools with the children of this world, so they can become the surrounding eye in the storm of their lives, instead of staying the victims.  My special bhakti is focused on orphanages & institutions taking care of those with heavy diseases (abuse, illness, etc.).

Where do you teach?

Wherever I am, I share. So around Europe -- in France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, and more to come for sure!

More about Magali:

I was born in Africa, but I grew up in different parts of Europe (Greece, France, and Germany). Genetically, I’m made of a French/Spanish mother and a combination of Italian/Greek with French roots from my father. It is my Vata nature to keep moving, so I am always on the road.  In my previous chapter as Marketing, Promotions & Public Relations Manager in the Pharmacy Industry, to a big French Radio Company, then in a European High-class Aesthetik Surgery Clinic, to arrive finally in my dharma serving as a Vedic Educator.

How many Chopra Center events have you attended?

Seduction of Spirit, Journey into Healing, Healing the Heart, Balancing the Body – and all the teacher path certifications.

What was your favorite event?

Seduction of Spirit 
How do you connect with others in your community?

As Vata, it is my nature to communicate, and I easily connect with people. I keep my connections alive through my website and social media.

The biggest event I am able to guide happens once a year in Germany at the beautiful Europa Park in Rust (black forest). There, I am grateful to co-create with the wives of the founding family of the park: the beautiful ladies of the house Mrs. Marianne & Mauritia Mack. The fundamentals of our journey, based on the SSLY taught by Dr. Deepak Chopra & David Simon, has happened this year for the first time with the mind-blowing live acts of SacredFire Music for the entire week, just one week before the Advents time, which is from the German tradition, a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas. The term is an anglicized version of the Latin word adventus, meaning "coming." It commences on the fourth Advent Sundays before the 25th of December. Every Sunday one candle of the "Adventskranz" is lit up until all 4 burn, then the "festivity of love" (as the Germans call it) happens. This wonderful symbol was the keypoint of transition to our journey where we had guide the participants to their own power of love. We served here with heart-opening and self-healing tools on all possible levels.

What is “om"azing is that ALL benefits of this event have directly flowed to local orphanages.  The children were at Europa Park on the  Sunday after our event.  On the 1st Advent, they received a monetary flow, experienced a free yoga class with me, and a private concert with SacredFire Music. 



On the Teachers Path

Debbie Betts

What are you becoming certified in: Perfect Health
Santa Monica, California
When will you graduate as a Chopra Center certified teacher?
January 2014
Email: Debbie@ArtofNutrition.com
Website: www.ArtofNutrition.com

What was your first Chopra Center experience?

My first Chopra Center experience was Perfect Health week.

What was going on in your life when you first became immersed in or attracted to the Chopra Center teachings?

When I first came to the Chopra Center teachings I was just enrolled in a Health Coaching program through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and had a chapter on Ayurveda.  Ayurveda really resonated with me, as it is a whole life philosophy.  Coincidently I was introduced to the 21-day meditation challenge, which I did.  After doing the 21-day meditation challenge I received emails from the Chopra Center and was introduced to the opportunity to attend Perfect Health, which I did and was immediately fascinated with the philosophy of Ayurveda.  I had gone through my own health challenge with breast cancer and learned the road to health is much more than current day medicine offers.  I have changed my life in so many ways that have contributed to my own perfect health and most of these changes are found in Ayurveda.

What is your daily meditation practice like?

I meditate daily, usually in the morning but often during the day also.  I always meditate before I go to sleep and recognizing gratitude is a key focus of this nightly meditation.  I find that I always am able to quiet my mind and sleep better when meditating before bed.  The morning meditations set the day on a positive direction early in the morning.

How have these teachings changed your life?

Learning more about Ayurveda has taught me so many great benefits from the meditation benefits I mentioned to paying more attention to the foods I eat.  I now recognize when my partner or I are not in balance and I know steps I can take to re-balance our lives.  I know so much more about nutrition and the benefits of dosha appropriate foods and I use these when teaching cooking classes.  One of the most beneficial practices for me has been the meditation which keeps me balanced, focused and stress free.

How do you intend to share these teachings once you become certified?

As a health and nutrition coach and food consultant I use the Ayurveda principles in my coaching practice guiding clients to a more holistic approach to health.  I will be teaching Ayurvedic cooking classes and incorporating Ayurveda into balancing clients’ health.  I hope to plan a retreat including other instructors to offer not only Ayurvedic nutrition, but yoga and meditation also.

Do you have any words of inspiration for others on the Teachers Path?

Whether you want to be a Vedic Educator and teach others or you simply want to live a happier and richer personal life I highly recommend the teachers path that speaks to you.  I am confident the knowledge gained will enrich my life and will do the same for your life as well.


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