10 Ways to Transform the Blues into Inspiration

A young man spending time in nature hiking

Suffering is part of the human experience. Whether with yourself, others, or circumstances, there will be times in your life when you will have to fight through hardship. When dealing with the blues, it is important to remain centered and know that you will get through no matter how troubling of a time you may be experiencing. Here are 10 helpful ways to transform the blues into sunshine and move forward with your life.

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How to Escape Empathy

man smiling

Being an empath means you are susceptible to placing your feelings in the hands of someone else if you do not stay self-aware. Here are five ways you can stay compassionate for a person, animal, or situation without accepting the energy as your own.

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Uncovering the Benefits of Awe

Mature woman relaxing outdoors looking at a lake

You’ve probably experienced it: that feeling of awe as you gaze across something like the Grand Canyon or when you have a mind-blowing realization. Turns out, there’s science behind those feelings. Awe can help you feel more connected, heighten your altruism, and even decrease inflammation.

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