8 Yoga Poses for an on-the-Go Energy Boost

woman doing a high plank

In a world where your time and energy is hijacked by your busy schedule, it’s important to remember what grounds you. Take care of your body—spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical—with these yoga poses you can do anywhere.

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5 Spring-Inspired Yoga Poses

Young teacher laying on yoga mat in child's pose

Welcome spring and prepare for outdoor activities by adding these five yoga poses to your daily practice.

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A Simple Guide to the Most Common Yoga Styles

A couple performing acroyoga in the park

It seems as though there are as many styles of yoga as there are leaves on a tree. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, read on to discover the most common styles and find the one(s) that are best for you.

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10 Yoga Myths Dispelled

man doing yoga outdoors

With its rise in popularity, there are many myths circulating around the world of yoga. Don’t let these ill-founded misconceptions stop you from trying this ancient, healing practice and reaping its benefits.

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Yin Yoga: How to Try it at Home

Woman in sleeping swan yoga pose

What yin yoga teaches you is that changes in your body (strength, flexibility, etc.) from regular practice will come not from forceful power, but through the strength of allowing, acceptance, and surrender. Here are a few yin yoga poses you can try at home.

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