Where will your yellow brick road take you?
Don't Miss This Last Opportunity to Attend!
May 28 - June 1, 2014

Join Deepak Chopra and Special Guest Speaker Jean Houston

Where will your yellow brick road take you?

We are living in the most unique times in human history. Often our everyday, local experiences are not sufficient enough for the enormity of the challenges that are laid upon us. The old way of doing things are no longer working. We are now seeking the emergence of the deeper story, a way to connect to our higher power. 

Do you feel the passion within, urging you to live the greater story of your life? 

Inside every human being there is an overarching theme, a template for heroic living, a god or a goddess in embryo that yearns to be born. This is who we were meant to be, the self that we deny ourselves because most of us cannot see the field of limitless potential that is open to us. This is our best self, the egoless self, that bit of the universe acting through us for the good of all. 

Join Deepak Chopra and Jean Houston for our final Summoning the Sacred workshop in the enchanting red rock desert of Sedona, Arizona as you embark on your own hero’s journey and become the wizard of your life story.

Don't miss the very last opportunity to access your higher self through sacred mythology and call in the next phase of your evolution.

Summoning the Sacred is our most intimate workshop with Deepak Chopra and Jean Houston, created exclusively for guests who are ready to open to new levels of spiritual wisdom. Together, we will explore the science and mythology of archetypes—powerful energies within literature, history, mythology, and religion that personify our deepest yearnings, most meaningful life experiences, and core identities.

When you attend Summoning the Sacred you will:

  • Learn how archetypes can support and guide you towards actualizing your dreams and wishes
  • Explore the ancient wisdom of tradition of Vedanta
  • Identify your own Hero’s Journey as a vehicle for personal transformation
  • Advance or begin your yoga and pranayama (breathing) practices
  • Learn or deepen your practice of Primordial Sound Meditation and access your true potential
  • Practice a special, chakra-centered yoga designed specifically for the Summoning the Sacred retreat
  • Develop greater awareness, inner peace, and balance in life through inspiring lectures with Deepak Chopra and Jean Houston

Through an exploration of the energies of figures such as Buddha, in his peacefulness and divine detachment, Athena in her wisdom and knowledge sharing, Mary in her gracious purity and motherly love, and many more figures from all traditions, we will begin to identify how these energies live in us and are part of our own stories.


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At Summoning the Sacred you will explore sacred mythology and archetypes within you— those universal themes that represent your soul’s yearnings, imagination, and deepest desires.  You’ll be guided to identify and harness the power of the specific archetypes that resonate with your soul’s unique purpose and calling.

You’ll learn to activate these archetypal energies as a vehicle to inspire, guide, and transform your life. With a combination of body-centered awareness through the practice of Primordial Sound Meditation, advanced pranayama and yogic techniques to expand consciousness and vital energy, experiential activities and lectures on Eastern and Western archetypes, Summoning the Sacred is a powerfully transformative program for individuals ready to call in their next, fuller expression of themselves.

We may seek to be lovers, leaders, adventurers, warriors, or peacemakers. Making archetypal energies work in our own lives is a powerful tool for cultivating the experiences we seek. Join us for Summoning the Sacred.

Watch Deepak Chopra and Jean Houston discuss The Wizard in Us


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Summoning the Sacred is an all-inclusive package that includes:

  • All workshop tuition
  • Delicious Ayurvedic meals
  • 4 nights’ accommodations at the magnificent Hilton Sedona Golf Resort & Spa

Check-in for the event is Wednesday, May 28, 2014 and check out is Sunday, June 1, 2014.