Sara Harvey

As the Chopra Center’s chief operating officer, Sara Harvey is a dynamic, empowering leader who continues to be instrumental in developing the Chopra Center’s world-renowned lifestyle brand. She works directly with co-founder Dr. Deepak Chopra and the leadership team to fulfill the Chopra Center’s mission to serve as the global source for balance, healing, transformation, and the expansion of awareness.

As a Chopra Center instructor certified in Primordial Sound Meditation and Perfect Health/Ayurvedic Lifestyle, Sara is passionate about sharing the Chopra Center’s teachings and tools for mind-body health, fulfillment, and authentic success. She teaches at many of the Chopra Center’s events, workshops, and trainings, and she is dedicated to her own daily practices for balance and wellbeing. 

“I have realized that taking time for self-care isn’t a luxury but a necessity. As a working mother with a demanding full-time job, I have immense gratitude for the benefits of mind-body practices such as meditation, mindfulness, and yoga. My daily balancing practices are a priority for me and for the other Chopra Center staff members, and we are passionate about sharing these benefits with our guests,” Sara said.