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Silence is everywhere, and yet it can seem unattainable. Learn the benefits of connecting to the silence and five easy ways to find it.Read More
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Stop for a second. Listen. What do you hear? The mechanical hum of the refrigerator? The whir of the clothes dryer? The digital ding of an incoming email? The ubiquitous, persistent, nerve-splitting, never-ending drone of a leaf blower? And, that’s if you live in the suburbs. You city dwellers are...Read More
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To qualify for the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga teacher training certification, the following steps must be completed: Enroll: Complete, sign, and submit the application forms. A one-...Read More
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“Ping!” “Bringg!” “Beep!” “Tap, tap, tap!” Our lives are inundated with sounds, we hear them everywhere we go. Our sense of hearing is a beautiful one. We are lucky to hear the birds chirping to announce the break of dawn, the gurgle of a baby observing life innocently, or the voice of a loved one...Read More
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With spiritual practices like yoga and meditation becoming more popular, it seems like everyone is talking about mantras. But what exactly is a mantra and how are you supposed to use it? In our westernized, modern-day spiritual practices the word “mantra” has become as mainstream as “intention.”...Read More
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If you've been meditating for an extended period of time, at some point, you'll come to a place of expectation that something profound should be happening during your practice. Wondering how you can take the next step to deepen your experience. Look no further.Read More
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Spring brings with it warmer weather, soothing nature sounds, and sunshine. Use this opportunity to reinvigorate your life force and connect with the environment around you.Read More
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Please come together in silence for World Peace day on September 21st from 9:15-9:45am PDT Resources Meditation and Vacation Effects Have an Impact on Disease-associated Molecular Phenotypes...Read More
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