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Silence is everywhere, and yet it can seem unattainable. Learn the benefits of connecting to the silence and five easy ways to find it.Read More
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We hardly notice the cacophony of wailing sirens, car horns, digital ding of emails, and other common noises that are woven into our lives. But our bodies do notice these auditory assaults and they respond in a way that's not making us any healthier or happier. Here are some quick tips to maximize the quiet in your home and life.Read More
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To qualify for the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga teacher training certification, the following steps must be completed: Enroll: Complete, sign, and submit the application forms. A one-...Read More
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“Ping!” “Bringg!” “Beep!” “Tap, tap, tap!” Our lives are inundated with sounds, we hear them everywhere we go. Our sense of hearing is a beautiful one. We are lucky to hear the birds chirping to announce the break of dawn, the gurgle of a baby observing life innocently, or the voice of a loved one...Read More
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With spiritual practices like yoga and meditation becoming more popular, it seems like everyone is talking about mantras. Find out how you can use mantras to increase awareness and bring focus to your life.Read More
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If you've been meditating for an extended period of time, at some point, you'll come to a place of expectation that something profound should be happening during your practice. Wondering how you can take the next step to deepen your experience. Look no further.Read More
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Spring brings with it warmer weather, soothing nature sounds, and sunshine. Use this opportunity to reinvigorate your life force and connect with the environment around you.Read More
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Please come together in silence for World Peace day on September 21st from 9:15-9:45am PDT Resources Meditation and Vacation Effects Have an Impact on Disease-associated Molecular Phenotypes...Read More
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