“Deepak Chopra and the Chopra Center’s master educators taught my entrepreneur friends and I how to live and lead more consciously.  We learned how to silence our minds through practicing meditation every day.  We also learned about the power of choice and detaching from outcomes.  One by one, month by month, I’ve seen our soulful selves evolve and the influence this has on those around us.  As entrepreneurs, our lives are filled with all sorts of excitement and challenges; we learned that when we’re in doubt, full of stress, or burned out, meditation will renew our clarity, creativity, and vitality.”
~ Sharleen Oborowsky, President, Fully Managed

“Before coming to the Chopra Center, my life was on reactive autopilot. I was frequently sick, in treatment for multiple diseases, struggling with my closest relationships, and buckling from the work load in my career and family.  In that single, life-altering decision and with each active choice towards balance afterwards, the various Chopra Center programs have helped me transform my health, my relationships, and my career. My health has normalized, my closest relationships have strengthened tremendously, and my productivity has soared as I’ve applied the tools and knowledge I gained through the Chopra Center teachings. Last year I even received a management promotion as a result of being recognized for my calm, centered, and connected leadership.”  
~ Michelle Vendelin, Head of Strategy & Planning, Hewlett Packard

 “Those who tell you that ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ have not been attended a program at the Chopra Center. I come from school of skeptics and attended the Chopra retreat to prove to others that it wouldn’t work for me.  Now only twelve months later I have less stress, greater focus, improved energy. Just by following the Chopra Center’s teachings, I’m experiencing greater overall health.”
~ Ken Kirk, Vice President of Business Development at KPMG in Toronto

“My experience with the Chopra Center for Wellbeing has been one of tremendous support in all areas of my life, bringing balance and perspective into my professional life so that I am better equipped to deal with the fluctuations within my business. I have adopted these practices into my daily life as a means to create greater possibilities and potentiality for myself and my business.  It is with the deepest sincerity that I thank the Chopra Center for Wellbeing for providing the programs and the platform for me to be a better person and a better leader.”
~ Mandy Trapp, Owner/Founder, Urban Guru

“I came to the Chopra Center with my friends with an open mind, yet unsure of what my experience would be or where it would take me. What I learned was nothing short of enlightening and challenging. I learned new states of being, I found myself calmer and more accepting. This was my first journey into meditation, and it was very relaxing experience. The team at the Chopra Center arranged for what I felt was a perfect program for our group. They seemed to understand our backgrounds, our experiences, or lack thereof, and they tempered it all with balance and thoughtfulness..”
~ Ken Nichols, Entrepreneurs Organization, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“Since our event at the Chopra Center, I've been impressed that your lessons are ones with long lasting impact. People are thinking about it and its still on their minds.  That's a really, really good thing!  I got another comment from one of the participants that I was particularly worried about, that it was a 'grand slam' day.  It was all so new to him and he felt so energized by it, that it was really a good use of his time.  So, thank you. I'll look forward to working together again soon.”  
~ JL, Corporate Events Manager, National Healthcare Company

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