brainstormingOur signature leadership retreat is a powerful journey of exploration into how to become an Inspired Leader: one that leads from the level of the soul, has intense clarity of vision and the intuitive know-how to turn that vision into reality, and whole-heartedly wishes to inspire a new consciousness for themselves, the people around them and the entire world.

Inspired leaders create loyalty, respect, emulation and love based on a deep understanding of, and connection to, their true purpose and passion.  An inspired leader has the ability to uplift, unite, innovate, create and translate their personal vision into a universal vision by bringing out the best in themselves, the people they lead and the best in human aspirations.  

This transformational retreat is founded on Dr. Deepak Chopra’s best selling book The Soul of Leadership, which outlines principles that can be applied to any business, but these same principles are relevant to leaders in every area of life, from family and home to places of education and your neighborhoods and communities.  During the retreat you will identify your soul profile and the core values you want to instill and inspire within the people you lead. You will develop a framework for how to translate your vision into a shared purpose that sets the stage for inspiration and action and explore examples of successful leaders and corporations that are leading from the level of the soul and delivering results while staying true to their values and purpose, and at the same time having a positive impact on the world at large.

Participants at the Inspired Leadership retreat will also:

  • Develop a mindfulness practice by learning the Chopra Center’s exclusive Primordial Sound Meditation technique
  • Practice daily stress management tools including yoga and breathing exercises
  • Develop an awareness of your unique mind/body constitution and learn tools for how to achieve balance

Only from the level of the soul are great leaders created.  Once that connection is made, you have unlimited access to the most vital qualities a leader can possess: creativity, intelligence, organizing power, and love” – Deepak Chopra

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