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During your 60-minute Vedic counseling session, your astrologer will provide you with a general overview of strong influences in your chart and give you a sense of predispositions in the realm of relationships, career, and self. After an initial big picture reading, you will talk with your counselor, asking the questions that will help propel your life forward. Many people have questions around their karmic path, their life’s purpose, the appropriate work or lifestyle to feel fulfilled, or ways to improve or strengthen existing relationships. To answer these questions, your counselor will look at the related aspects of your chart, and share what is revealed there.

The preferred method for readings is Skype, although readings can also be conducted by phone if Internet access is not readily available. Readings provided online will be recorded by the Vedic Counselor and delivered to guests as an audio for their keeping following the reading.

About Your Chopra Center Reading

Appointments may take place anywhere from the next day to several weeks or even months following the initial appointment request. Reading times will be scheduled depending on the availability of the requested Counselor.

Readings are $299 for one hour. Guests can always book follow up appointments if they would like to spend more time exploring particular life areas.

To request your appointment, select the astrologer you’d like to have your reading with, and choose “schedule an appointment” from the menu. Be prepared to enter your date, location, and time of birth. If you don’t know your birth time, enter the universal time of 7am. Make sure you mention the uncertainty around your time of birth to your counselor.

Once you’ve completed the appointment request form, your vedic counselor will contact you to set up a mutually beneficial appointment time.

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Vedic Counseling, Suhas Kshirsagar, BAMS, M.D. (Ayur)

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