Dr. Jill Benioff

Clinical Psychologist, Vedic Counselor

Jill Benioff, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist. She offers Vedic astrology workshops, lectures, and consultations to individuals, couples, and children. She encourages her clients to embrace their creative gifts, while exploring inherited blocks and challenges. These insights inspire individuals to live in greater alignment with their highest life purpose.

Jill is passionate about looking at infant’s Vedic charts to help parents deepen and solidify their understanding of their child. Learning to encourage a child’s gifts while compassionately working with their challenges can change a child’s future, setting them up for greater success in life. Jill also works with couples, helping them create more intimacy and clarity through developing their understanding of how the planets play a role in their emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual connection.

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Important Note: Vedic Counseling readings are for educational purposes only. They are not meant to replace other forms of counseling, medical treatment, or therapy.


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Testimonials for Jill

I had my reading with Jill Benioff last evening and it was the MOST wonderful experience. She took so much time to explain my chart and then she listened to me and used my chart to explain my life experiences.  I was left feeling very excited about my future and enriched from the reading.  My deepest thanks for offering the readings by such a caring and experienced person.  THANK YOU JILL!!! With deepest gratitude . . .
~Patty Marshall

Since my session with you, so very much has been blossoming in me as I have taken your advice to heart. Things are really flowing much better now, and I have learned so much. ~Connie Corona

Thank you so much Jill. What an eye opener and validation your reading turned out to be . . . as well as exciting for the future! BTW, I have the first few sentences of my memoir penned and will continue (as long as it remains fun of course ;). I really enjoyed speaking with you and look forward to reviewing our recorded session. ~Lynne