Mind-Body Healing Immersion
It's Time to Experience Perfect Health

6–Day Program

Are you feeling stressed out and anxious? Do you have trouble getting a good night's sleep? Are you struggling with pain, a chronic condition, or a difficult diagnosis?

If physical and emotional roadblocks are preventing you from fully enjoying your life, it's time to experience Perfect Health.

10–Day Program

Get ready to experience the only mind-body healing program that combines daily massage treatments; a staff of holistic M.D.s; and instruction in yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda; and the unique cleansing and detoxification therapy known as panchakarma.

Perfect Health 6–Day Program

For more than two decades, people from throughout the world have come to the Chopra Center for this life-transforming program inspired by Deepak Chopra's best-selling book Perfect Health. Combining the wisdom of the Eastern healing arts with the best in modern Western medicine, Perfect Health is a total mind-body healing experience. During your stay, you will not only feel pampered and revitalized - you will also learn tools and techniques that you can immediately use to cultivate physical health and emotional wellbeing when you return home.

Perfect Health is offered exclusively at the Chopra Center, nestled on 400 coastal acres of Omni La Costa Resort & Spa. When you're not enjoying healing therapies, meditations, or instructional sessions, you can luxuriate in the gorgeous spa area or feel the caress of the fresh ocean breeze in the Mediterranean-style verandas. The Chopra Center offers preferred rates for our guests staying at Omni La Costa. Please check with Omni La Costa for availability.

In this beautiful, soothing environment, you will feel your stress and tension melt away as our highly trained team of physicians, certified educators, and healing arts masters help you restore your balance and address your personal health and life concerns.

The Perfect Health program is based on the principles of Ayurveda - a powerful natural healing system that originated in India 5,000 years ago. The Chopra Center has developed a modernized system of Ayurveda that blends its timeless wisdom with the most advanced insights of modern science.

Perfect Health 10–Day Program

Several times each year, we offer a 10-day Perfect Health program that includes panchakarma, an elegant Ayurvedic cleansing process that releases accumulated toxins and stress from the mind-body system. You will receive daily panchakarma therapies and massage treatments tailored to your unique mind-body constitution. Your healing arts master will select specific essential oils and natural herbs to purify and nurture you at the deepest cellular level.

Learn more about panchakarma here.

The 10-day Perfect Health program includes all the core components of the 6-day Perfect Health program (daily classes, a mind-body medical consultation, meditation and yoga instruction, etc.) - as well as additional massage treatments and educational sessions such as Ayurvedic cooking, a journaling workshop, and sound healing. Enjoy extended opportunities to tap into the rejuvenating power of silence, guided journaling, and inner reflection.

The 10-Day Perfect Health program takes place at the Chopra Center on the grounds of the world-famous Omni La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, California - the sweet spot of the universe.

The Wish – Played at the 10-Day Program

The Wish® is a creative energy game that has helped thousands of people manifest their greatest wishes for financial freedom, health and wellbeing, life purpose, true love, peace and happiness. You will identify and clear the blocks standing in the way of your wishes as you shift into new energy vibrations that are aligned with your deepest dreams and desires, allowing you to fulfill your intentions with ease and joy.

Featured Speakers

Master Educators

Perfect Health: Healing from Pain

If you are interested in mind-body healing and have been diagnosed with pain disorder, suffer from chronic pain, or want to learn more about holistic approaches to treating pain, the Chopra Center’s Perfect Health: Healing from Pain program is designed specifically for you.

Guided by our medical and mind-body specialists, you will experience all the benefits of our signature Perfect Healthprogram while learning tools to manage pain syndromes, reduce inflammation in your body, and regulate stress. You will enjoy lectures from pain specialists, and receive specific treatments in the areas of acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and holistic physical therapy in a supportive, small-group environment.

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Perfect Health: Wisdom Within

This six-day program, which incorporates three days of silence, is designed to deepen the experience of Panchakarma for guests who have previously attended our six or ten day Perfect Health program. Highlights of the week include experiential lectures, a group excursion to Torrey Pines, evening satsangs (supportive group gathering involving Sanskrit chanting), and experiences that guide guests within so that they can hear the wisdom of their inner voice.

Guests will enjoy a deeper exploration of Ayurveda and the connection between physical experiences and spirituality in addition to daily Ayurvedic spa treatments, Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga classes and group meditations. Participants will develop their own self-trust and inner voice, which will naturally enhance intuition and creativity. This experience enhances balance by deeply attuning participants to their body’s wisdom for in depth healing.

*Perfect Health is a pre-requisite to attending Wisdom Within

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Special Pricing
6-Day Program
$ 3,175$ 3,975
10-Day Program
$ 4,175$ 4,975
Expires Apr 30, 2014
Enrollment closes 10 days prior to program start date.

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Located in Carlsbad California, Omni La Costa Resort & Spa boasts luxurious accommodations, a magnificent spa, and a soothing atmosphere that will help you integrate your powerful experiences at Chopra Center events.

Omni La Costa Resort & Spa is just 30 minutes from the San Diego Airport and only 90 minutes from Los Angeles. Guests will enjoy staying in this world-renowned resort for a special discounted rate.

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