I am a long-time meditator and came seeking peace and direction. I have come away with that and more. Every day my inner journey is expanding and deepening due to the experiences of this retreat. The yoga and sutras have taken me to unexplored depths and I am so grateful.”
~ Dec, Tennessee

I was struggling with my dharma. As I have become more aware and opened my heart to the possibilities I have truly seen how the universe works in the lives of others in my life and I am more aware of the consciousness creating reality. I thank you." 
~ Jeff, Gainesville, Georgia

Everything was amazing! I feel like I've found a path/road map for how to get home. This was so empowering and inspiring. I'm looking forward to continuing my journey utilizing what I've learned at this seminar. Thank you!" 
~ Marla, San Diego, California

What an incredible course!!! I was absolutely moved by the course. I am so very pleased I was able to have lessons from Deepak Chopra and davidji. I am so thrilled I chose to move forward by taking the teacher certification path. I am so grateful. Thank you so much for a wonderful week – I am delighted to get more in touch with my authentic self!”
~ Julianne, Ohio

Being in the presence of so many spiritually alive people was a wonderful gift. The teachings I learned will be so nurturing to me for the rest of my life. Thank you so very much.”
~ Lucy, Tennessee

Meditation sessions, law of day, chakras and sutras all taught very well and my base knowledge re application and understanding is much stronger now. Namaste circle was an experience beyond words. I honestly believe that God does indeed exists where I doubted until now. No words to describe except this has changed my life. Thank you from my heart."
~Anonymous, April 2014