Healing the Heart, Balancing the Body is our extended 9-day program for emotional and physical detoxification and renewal. It is a powerful two-part program that begins with the weekend Healing the Heart workshop and continues with Balancing the Body, a six-day mind-body wellness immersion where you will integrate the deep emotional healing that you experience at Healing the Heart as you continue the process of detoxifying and rejuvenating your bodymind.

Part I: Healing the Heart
This powerful two-part program begins with the Healing the Heart workshop, where you will identify and release the core beliefs and painful memories that contribute to emotional distress and physical illness – freeing you to move beyond the restrictive conditions that have been limiting your health and happiness.

Part II: Balancing the Body
Balancing the Body is a transformative six-day experience created exclusively for  those who have completed Healing the Heart. In the Chopra Center’s beautiful setting at the Omni La Costa Resort, you will receive an individual integrative medical consultation with a Chopra Center physician (M.D.) and daily Ayurvedic massage treatments and therapies customized for your mind-body type. The specific Ayurvedic treatments included in the Balancing the Body program are known as rasayanas  –  which is an ancient Sanskrit word that means "that which nourishes."

Balancing the Body program also includes daily classes led by master Chopra Center–certified educators, where you will learn the foundational tools and principles of Ayurveda, including:

  • How to identify your unique mind-body constitution
  • Food as medicine
  • Holistic techniques for releasing stress and anxiety
  • A personal daily routine
  • The wisdom of natural herbs and the body's inner pharmacy
  • Lessons in communicating more effectively and compassionately
  • The healing practice of yoga

During this profound healing immersion, you will be guided in the proven steps to restoring your balance, creating your own healing regimen, and transforming your life.

If you are struggling with emotional pain and the physical symptoms that often accompany it, Healing the Heart, Balancing the Body offers an integrative path to authentic healing that encompasses the body, mind, and spirit.


The 9-Day Program is offered

October 25–November 2, 2013

February 7–15, 2014

October 25–November 1, 2014