The Chopra Center Spa

The Chopra Center’s Ayurvedic massage treatments are unlike any you’ve ever experienced because our specially trained therapists customize each treatment, using herbal-infused oils, aromas, and massage techniques to balance your unique mind-body type. For example, if you’re experiencing an imbalance that is contributing to feelings of anxiety and distraction, your massage will focus on relaxing and grounding you, using warm essential oils and soothing massage strokes that will calm your entire mind-body system. On the other hand, if you have a tendency to feel sluggish and heavy, your Ayurvedic massage will use oils, herbs, and  techniques to invigorate you, release any accumulated toxins, and enhance the flow of energy in your body and mind. 

All of the Chopra Center’s soul-nurturing massage treatments are based upon Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old healing system of therapies designed to revitalize, balance, and restore you at the deepest cellular level.

Our selection of spa therapies is extensive. For a more detailed description of the Ayurvedic treatment that's right for you, please see the descriptions of our Ayurvedic Treatments in the menu above.

For reservations, call 888.424.6772 x1605.

Treat Yourself to a Mini-Retreat Day

When you come to the Chopra Center for an Ayurvedic massage, your visit includes all-day use of the beautiful spa facilities at the Omni La Costa Spa. Luxuriate in the soothing waters of the Aqua de la Vida pool, unwind in one of the saunas (both dry heat and steam available), and reinvigorate yourself in the cascade of a Roman waterfall. You’ll also enjoy free valet parking.

Additionally, Spa guests can take advantage of our meditation times for free and join any yoga classes at the Chopra Center for only $15.

Go Deeper: Enjoy a Week of Perfect Health

Ayurvedic massage treatments are a core component of the Chopra Center’s signature Perfect Health program – a 6- or 10-day mind-body healing immersion that combines daily Ayurvedic treatments, cleansing and detoxification therapies, and a personal mind-body medical consultation – as well as instruction in Primordial Sound Meditation, yoga, stress management, nutritional guidance, emotional balancing, and other powerful mind-body healing practices.

Join us for Perfect Health and take home a happier, healthier, more radiant you!