Creating Financial Freedom

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Date:May 09, 2017

Discover the Proven System for Attracting Financial Abundance While Following Your Heart and Pursuing Your Purpose

Have you been able to attract SOME money into your life, but not quite enough to rest easy? Or perhaps you’ve been able to attract significant money into your life, but not on a consistent basis? Or maybe you’ve had trouble attracting much money at all and often find yourself coming from a place of scarcity around finances.

The truth is, no matter what your financial circumstances are . . . if you’ve ever been stressed out about money you’re hardly alone.

Stress is plentiful in our modern society, and stress over money (which can often seem far less plentiful) is in overflowing supply. In fact, nearly three-quarters of Americans surveyed by the American Psychological Association said they had felt stressed about money at some point in the last month, while more than a quarter said they are stressed about money most or all of the time, according to the group's annual Stress in America report.

Indeed many of us have simply come to accept that money is stressful.

But money itself isn’t inherently stressful. Nor is it materialistic or greedy. What is true about money is that the angst we feel about it is created by our overactive, ego-minds. And it’s our conscious and unconscious beliefs about money that are actively influencing our financial abundance or lack thereof.

And that’s problematic because we live in a society that (at best!) believes hard work, exacting plans, and a driving ambition are required to create financial wealth –and at worst, fears that making money might require you to set your integrity aside, abandon your spiritual path, or “sell your soul.”

But world-renowned expert in mind-body science, Deepak Chopra, MD, FACP, invites you to consider that there’s another way . . . that abundance doesn’t have to be deserved, earned the hard way, and paid for. Rather, it is natural and accessible to each one of us, once we understand our true nature and learn to live in harmony with natural law. The only things blocking you from the prosperity you are meant to have are your limiting stories around it.

That’s why Deepak has invited respected author and speaker, Louise Laffey, to host Creating Financial Freedom, a 4-week online journey to help you release your unconscious blocks around money . . . so you’ll finally begin to experience less financial struggle and stress and instead start creating – and enjoying! – more financial abundance with ease.

Once You Connect Your Prosperity to Your Purpose, Abundance Flows to You Naturally and with Ease

What Deepak and Louise know is that stress and difficulty around money happens for one reason – because we haven’t done the important work of connecting our prosperity to our higher purpose. And that leaves our desire for financial abundance disconnected from our true self.

But when we’re clear about WHY we want more abundance in our life and how it will support us in living our highest truth, our financial goals become connected (in astonishingly powerful ways!) to our greater purpose.

And then we can even begin to imagine a world in which a great deal of financial abundance rests in conscious hands.

In Creating Financial Freedom, respected author and speaker, Louise Laffey, who has spent the past eight years traveling the world teaching more than 30,000 people from over 20 countries to connect their prosperity to their purpose, will guide you step-by-step through a powerful process to help you open to the universal flow of abundance, while following your heart and pursuing your highest purpose.

Here’s how it works . . . during Creating Financial Freedom, you will:

  • Recognize signs that the universe is sending you to support you in having an abundant AND spiritual life – and learn how to pause and listen for “best answers” and spiritual solutions to your financial challenges.
  • Clarify your “WHY” behind your financial wishes – so you can align those wishes with your highest purpose and then consciously close the gap between your wishes and your reality.
  • Become grounded in the truth that we live in a very abundant environment – and newly empowered to tap into a greater awareness and fully connect to this universal flow.

Here’s What Graduates of Louise Laffey’s Courses Tell Us About How Their Lives Have Transformed

"Since coaching with Louise and studying under her, I have created a private coaching business that is full, despite an ailing economy. I have recommended Louise to many friends who have taken her online courses and they were blown away! She is an incredibly gifted teacher."

–Kathryn Sandilands, Business Owner

"Every aspect of my life has positively changed as a result of working with Louise. I have learned how to tap into the infinite source of intelligence and to use it to navigate my way through life. She has helped me release old energy patterns that weren't serving me or my business, which have cleared the way for new and exciting opportunities."

–Simone Denny, CEO of Nourishing Hub

"Working with Louise made the difference for me to smash the World Record and win the ParaCycling World Championships. We knew before we even started the race that we would win it outright ~ we had already tuned into the energy! I'm excited to be working with Louise again in the lead up to the Rio Olympics ~ we're going for gold!"

–Matt Formston, World Champion Cyclist

"Louise is the most phenomenal teacher I could have wished for. She is full of integrity, generosity and profound wisdom! Louise has taken all the 10+ years of development work I have done to the next level and made an exponential difference in me becoming the most authentic, truly happy and best version of myself!"

–Deb King, Life Coach

Learn More About The Course

Creating Financial Freedom 

A Week-by-Week Course Overview

Here’s a closer look at everything you’ll cover in just 4 weeks:

Week One I Understanding Your Energetic Connection to Abundance

  • Identify your conscious and unconscious “energetic stories” about abundance – and release the ones that aren’t serving your highest purpose.
  • Find out what messages you’re “broadcasting” to the world about your relationship with money – and how to change your broadcast to support (not sabotage!) your financial goals.
  • Recognize your positive and negative beliefs and behavioral patterns around abundance – and let go of the ones not in alignment with who you really are and what you’re really here to do.
  • Identify ways in which society’s “collective view” is influencing your relationship with money – and let that new awareness guide you to make new choices that are in alignment with who you are and what you really want.

Week Two I Letting Go of Your Blocks to Creating Abundance

  • Become grounded in the truth that abundance is not outside you; it’s within all of us – and tap into the infinite source of abundance that’s accessible to you at all times no matter your circumstances.
  • Identify which of the 5 most common blocks are preventing you from creating more abundance and flow in your life – and engage in powerful exercises to let go of them for good.
  • Harness the power of awareness to create a greater flow of abundance – one that comes to you naturally and with ease, instead of through painstaking work and effort.

Week Three I Creating and Maintaining Abundant Flow

  • Create a positive energetic vibration around money – by noticing and tapping into the unlimited abundance around you.
  • Understand the cycles and rhythms of abundance and flow – and learn to recognize the different stages of flow as they appear in your life.
  • Recognize the warning signs that will stop you from “falling out” of flow – plus, get the best practical tips to help you “fall back in” and expertly manage life’s ups and downs.

Week Four I Attracting Abundant Opportunities into Your Life!

  • Get prepared for a greater flow of abundance – so you will be emotionally and energetically ready to manage a new level of financial wealth.
  • Let go of people who are not energetically in tune with you – and learn how saying “no” will support you in living your most abundant life yet.
  • Create your new abundance wish list that is in full alignment with your true self – and then consciously turn up your volume of flow to make those wishes your new reality.

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Creating Financial Freedom

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