About the Affiliate Program

The Chopra Center Online Affiliate Program is an online campaign-driven program. Each month we will provide a suite of marketing materials including web banners, email copy, and facebook posts to help you share and promote a specific Chopra Center event. When your students or friends click through and purchase a Chopra Center event through your affiliate website banner or email campaign, they can register for an event at their special student referral pricing and you will receive a $100 commission payment.

You must embed your web banners, email links, and facebook posts with your unique affiliate tracking code. When visitors click your email they are automatically cookied with your tracking code and their purchases will be recorded through the Online Affiliate Program. The entire affiliate program is built upon the following loop.

––> Student clicks instructor’s web banner or email link

––> Student lands on Chopra Center event page cookied with instructor’s unique tracking code

––> Student makes event purchase from that linked Chopra Center event page

If you are not familiar with online or email marketing, spend some time reviewing the videos in Resources section of this website.

On the 15th of each month, you will receive an email alerting you that a new affiliate campaign has been uploaded to the Resource Center. You may simply log in, copy your tracking code and marketing materials and begin sharing Chopra Center events.

What events are available through the Chopra Center’s Online Affiliate Program?

The majority of Chopra Center events will receive $100 referral commissions upon guest registration:


Journey into Healing, Seduction of Spirit, Seduction of Silence, Silent Awakenings, Summoning the Sacred, Spiritual Solutions, Healing the Heart, Balancing the Body, Perfect Health Program, Primordial Sound Teacher Training, Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Teacher Training and Perfect Health Teacher Training

Not Included:

Meditation Weekend, Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Retreat

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