Mind-Body Health

As you reflect back on the past year, identify opportunities for taking your emotional health to the next level next year. It’s important to be aware that anytime you set an important goal and actively move toward it, you can come up against resistance, either from yourself or other people. Have...Read More
Question: I heard that men's life expectancy is catching up to women's. But I don't understand why women typically live longer than men. Is it a difference in lifestyles, or due to some kind of inbuilt genetic advantage? Answer: You ask an age-old question that modern science still hasn’t answered...Read More
In Ayurveda, Vata is the force that governs all movement in the body. When in balance, Vata can make you enthusiastic for life, clear thinking, intuitive, expressive, playful, and creative. In excess, though, it can manifest as pain, lack of appetite, tremors, coldness, constipation, anxiety,...Read More
When people think about genes, they tend to apply the words “good” or “bad” to them. Someone with talent or unusual beauty "must have good genes," we say. And ourselves? Depending on how your life is going, you may thank your genes or feel victimized by them. Most of the time, however, the average...Read More
As the weather cools and the holiday season nears, you may be tempted to eat rich food and sweet treats—despite your best intentions to stick to a healthy, balanced diet and avoid gaining weight. According to a 2013 article in the Forbes Magazine, many Americans will gain between 1 and 3 pounds and...Read More
Tune up your immune system for cold and flu season. Good nutrition, proper rest, and regular exercise are the basics of staying healthy. However, you can pump up your resistance even more by adding self-massage to your daily or weekly routine. Massage promotes relaxation and increases circulation....Read More
“Everything good is found in ginger,” states an old Indian proverb. That’s why Ayurveda often refers to ginger as a universal medicine. Chinese medicine, the other most ancient yet living tradition, also turns to ginger medicinally because it restores Yang, or hot energy. Currently, India and China...Read More
From lattes and lasagnas to soups and salads, pumpkin is suitable for endless culinary creations. It’s also a nutritional powerhouse. Pumpkin’s deep orange color means it’s packed with powerful compounds called carotenoids. Carotenoids have been linked to cancer prevention, reduced risk of heart...Read More