Mind-Body Health

Fatigue is a lack of energy, motivation, and/or concentration. The all-too-worn-out phrase, “it takes energy to make energy,” gets at the crux of the “chicken or egg” problem. How can such a nebulous word hold so much power over you? You would think that just as a day only has 24 hours, you too... Read More
Fueling your body and your mind is something you do every single day. Most of us are consuming three meals a day. The average American consumes 15.5 hours of media each day. With obesity and stress levels rising, how can you optimize what you use to fuel your body and mind as a way to strengthen... Read More
We all experience physical pain at some point in our lives. The pain could be acute from a broken bone, or it could be ongoing from a serious, chronic condition. Often, pain can produce a tremendous amount of suffering, but it can also be a catalyst for growth and wisdom.  Here are five practices... Read More
Overall, Americans are not in a great state of health. One of the contributing factors is that most people link health exclusively to the physical body. While the physical body is important, when we only associate health with our physical body, we fail to recognize other factors that contribute to... Read More
You may associate anxiety with the negative symptoms it produces, such as accelerated heart rate, racing thoughts, and feelings of intense fear. But according to the research I’ll discuss in this article, anxiety in small doses—i.e., mild to moderate anxiety—can actually work to your advantage. ... Read More
While you’re pregnant, physical activity can certainly help you maintain your health and fitness goals. Did you know that it can also condition your baby for life outside of the womb? When you exercise regularly while pregnant, your baby’s cells use the physiological messages from your body to... Read More
There’s good stress and there’s bad stress. Do you know the difference? And how are you dealing yours? Learn 10 tried-and-true tactics to manage your stress, so you can get on the path to living a healthy and balanced life. This infographic was created with Visme Are you ready to get away from it... Read More
Are you getting enough vitamin D? According to data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys, two thirds of the U.S. population was deficient in vitamin D from 2001 to 2006. And this is a vitamin you don’t want to be deficient in: Vitamin D not only helps keep your bones strong,... Read More