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Seduction of Spirit Meditation
Signature Meditation & Yoga Retreat Every Seduction of Spirit includes the core elements of meditation, yoga, sutra instruction by Deepak, and other practices for inner calm and expanded awareness. In addition, each individual retreat will feature new experiences, individual and group...Program Info
Picture of Deepak on Stage
Discover the 5,000-year-old Proven Path to Creating Vibrant Health Today What if you could easily tune into the wisdom of your body and recognize when something is amiss—before disease or illness strikes? And what if there were a few simple shifts you could make to immediately restore that balance—...Program Info
Woman receiving a massage
Feel Lighter and More Energetic as You Detoxify and Cleanse From Physical and Emotional Toxicity  At this intimate, 25-person workshop, you’ll feel stress and tension melt away as our highly trained team of Chopra Center physicians, certified educators and healing arts masters help you restore your...Program Info
A group of people meditating together.
Are you new to meditation or wish to further your meditative practice? Do you want to learn to quickly calm your body and clear your mind? Do you seek restful sleep? Do you desire enhanced health and enriched relationships? Leave the chaos of daily life behind and slip into the tranquil,...Program Info
group hug
In the face of difficulty, most of us do our best to cope with the situation, hold it together, and keep going, but we often end up carrying emotional pain that we don’t know how to heal or release. The toxic residue of painful experiences gets stored in our emotional heart, limiting our ability to...Program Info
man meditating
Join us for a brand new event and take the next step in your spiritual evolution with Deepak Chopra and Chopra Center master educators Roger Gabriel, Dr. David Frawley, Shambhavi, and Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar. Experience a guided journey through the timeless wisdom of Vedanta, the foundation of Yoga, ...Program Info
woman meditating on the beach sitting on rocks
An Inward Journey Inspired by Dr. David Simon featuring Deepak Chopra, Brent BecVar, and Amanda Ringnalda "In our dynamic, goal-oriented world, we don’t usually spend much time or attention cultivating silence, but it has been my experience that learning to surrender to this quality of awareness...Program Info
Primordial Sound Meditation Certification Class Photo
Primordial Sound Meditation is a time-tested meditation technique dating back thousands of years to the ancient Vedic traditions of India. Drs. Chopra and Simon have revived this ancient process and made it available in a format that can be easily...Program Info
Woman writing in a notepad
The Perfect Health: Ayurvedic Lifestyle Certification Program offers a five-step exploration of mind-body healing and Ayurveda. This certification program is designed for individuals interested in learning tools and techniques to create balance and healing in their lives and in their community....Program Info
Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Certification Class
What Is the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Certification Program ~Ancient Yoga Teachings Adapted to the Modern WorldThe Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga teacher training certification is a Yoga Alliance 200-hour compliant program developed by Drs...Program Info
woman doing yoga
Weekend Within – a 3-day Chopra Center retreat, created and led by world-renowned expert and pioneer in mind-body medicine, Deepak Chopra, is a rare opportunity for you to leave the chaos of daily life behind and receive a gentle, guided introduction to meditation, Ayurveda, and the Seven Spiritual...Program Info
Smiling women at the Chopra Center
The Chopra Center’s Women’s Retreat is a rare opportunity for you to step out of the noise, the busyness, and the responsibilities of your daily life and into community with like-minded women from all around the world to be uplifted, enlightened and empowered by some of the most brilliant female...Program Info
Woman receiving an ayurvedic treatment
The Chopra Center’s Rest & Restore program is based on the principles of Ayurveda- a powerful natural healing system that originated in India, 5,000 years ago. The Chopra Center has integrated the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda with the most advanced insights of modern science to deliver an...Program Info