Transcending Emotions

"Moksha is not an ending–but a beginning. We begin to live in fullness only after liberation." 
-Deepak Chopra

The Chopra Center’s Transcending Emotions event is an extraordinary opportunity to gain access to a state of emotional balance and freedom, or the ancient Vedic concept of Moksha. Loosely defined as liberation, Moksha means letting go of that which is not serving you, ending patterns of emotional pain, and escaping self-imposed limitations to attain a state of bliss and inner peace. 

At this brand-new 3-day Transcending Emotions event you will engage a powerful, proven healing process to help you identify and release the old conditioning and negative thoughts that trigger the sometimes overwhelming, reactive emotions we all experience and fill the newly opened space in your heart with love, strength, and true fulfillment.

Under the guidance of Chopra Center master instructors and expert guest instructors, you will:

  • Become grounded in the truth that you are not your emotions – you have the ability to decide if they lead you or if you lead them.

  • Identify and release old thought-patterns and buried pain – and start to open to your full potential for happiness and calm, centered wellbeing.

  • Begin to offer yourself compassion for whatever emotion arises in your experience – instead of heaping judgment on yourself for what you are feeling.

  • Challenge the thoughts and conditioning behind your reactive emotions – and begin to see clearly whether they are based in truth or only the perception of truth.

  • Learn to tap into your own innate ability to rebalance your energy – so you can begin to find equanimity whenever stressful situations occur or negative emotions threaten to overwhelm you.

  • Practice being the witness, not the puppet, of your emotions – so you become free to respond at the highest level in any situation and no matter how anyone else behaves.

  • Discover simple, yet powerful tools to help you rise above your emotions in any given moment – so you return home more present, centered, and self-aware.

Who Will Benefit?

Perhaps you’re stuck in a habitual pattern like perfectionism, blame, guilt or anger – and it’s getting in the way of you doing your best work and finding satisfaction in it, despite the fact that you have plenty of gifts and talents to share.

Or maybe you’re operating from a place of fear and anxiety in your relationships – and instead of bringing you joy and fulfilment, those relationships end up causing you even more fear and stress.

Or you might be having the same, tired argument or the same old relationship problems with different people – and often find yourself asking, “Am I really here again?”

Or maybe you just feel too easily triggered and quick to get overwhelmed by a particular emotion, always yelling or always crying – and despite your spiritual work and your best intentions you can’t seem to rise above that emotion to find a more centered state of balance and equanimity.

If you’ve experienced any (or all) of these scenarios and you want instead to have the freedom to respond at the highest level, no matter what situation life hands you or how anyone around you behaves, we invite you to join us at the Chopra Center’s Transcending Emotions event.

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