"This event gave me the opportunity to tune into these amazing teachings by wonderful vibrant human beings who have overcome many obstacles and therefore inspire me to follow my path."
–Catherine, Aspen, Colorado

"I decided to attend a Journey Into Healing because I have seen my life begun to change as I began to meditate daily over the past 6 months. My focus was to take time for myself to learn more about these ancient wisdom traditions and how I can apply them to my life at home. Also, to discover new information to share with my clients."
–Sarah, Columbia Station, Ohio

"I came to Journey into Healing to do something for my self and really to learn about healing my body naturally and then to take what I learned and apply to my family and friends. I want to learn as much as possible about ayrevada healing"
–Brian, Lakewood, Colorado

"As a busy physician, I just needed some solo-time to reflect on my wonderful experiences and think about the next phases of my life. I am always trying to be a better person and feel this experience has enriched my sense of serenity."
–Coronado, California

"Journey into Healing was such a great experience, it is difficult to pick just one highlight. In addition to the yoga, group meditations, and the presentations, I was also able to meet so many people with similar interests as myself."
–Anna, Baltimore, Maryland

"Journey into Healing takes you from the realm of Western medicine into new frontiers and awareness and leaves you feeling empowered instead of helpless in an era when health care has become unaffordable for the majority. It shatters the illusion that medical intervention is the only way to stay healthy. Ayurveda reminds me that a majority of the world rely on alternative medicine for healthcare and wellbeing."
–Susan, Los Angeles, California

"I just wanted to take a moment and write to let you know what a wonderful experience the latest Journey into Healing was . . . I learned more than I ever expected to, and even better, now my meditations are even more fulfilling, and my new life continues to evolve to places that I had never expected. Since the event, my wife and I have both signed up for Seduction of Spirit program and plan to complete the certification training to become teachers. I have no idea where it will lead, but I am sure that it will be rewarding."

“I had many huge ‘aha’s’ at this event. I feel blessed to have had this opportunity to be in the presence of, and learn from, so many ‘conscious’ educators and healers. The Journey ended too soon!”
–Cindy, Alberta, Canada

"Journey into Healing is just that, and the levels on which one is touched are immeasurable. This course creates an inspiration from within that can lead to lasting changes in lifestyle in proportion to the readiness of the individual. An awesome opportunity for transformation that everyone should take advantage of."
–Joanna, Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

"This course was full of information that is immediately applicable to my life. I'm so grateful to have this new knowledge which completely connects with the lifestyle choices I have previously made. I am energized and inspired!" 
–Michele, Bronx, New York

"I have felt more awake and alive in these few days than I have in years. I so hope I can contribute to this work in a way that will give others this renewal. My heart overflows with gratitude and love for you all!"
–Deborah, Greeley, Colorado