What are recent participants saying about their experience?

"I have to say the greatest moment for me was re-introduction I had to my true self. I took very seriously the idea of letting go and releasing my inhibitions and I was rewarded by finally seeing myself and feeling myself as I know myself to be after years. I experienced pure joy - I won't forget that ever."
–Angela, Carmel, Indiana

"I came to Healing the Heart to learn how to heal myself from grief or loss, it is inevitable. I now have tools to help me deal with life pains."
–Erin, Carlotte, North

"What I desired to receive was to experience spirit, mind, body alignment and I did. I have a lot of "take away spiritual tools" I can incorporate into each day."
–Sylvia, Mendenhall, Mississippi

"I am taking away a sense of lightness from releasing some long-held, unconscious beliefs. I will continue to integrate this new knowledge in my ongoing contemplation of life. I have also been very diligent to keep up the daily meditation and a sense of calm, which had left for a few years, seems to be building again."
–Kim, Peterborough, Ontario

"Healing the Heart was an extraordinary experience during a very painful time in my life. I am very appreciative of the energy that the Chopra Center has brought into my life."
–Maria, Palm Coast, Florida

"I came to Healing the Heart to rid myself of emotional wounds and losses so that I may continue my journey in peace. I have been through so much in my life and everything was covered up with Band-Aids. I realized I needed to remove these Band-Aids one by one. With the tools I have learned at Healing the Heart I can now experience more enlightenment and healing."
–Linda P., Clairemont, CA

"My intention for attending Healing the Heart was to work through some painful experiences. I feel I have finally discovered that sacred beautiful place in my heart that is always available to me. It is a place I can go to receive self-compassion and love and that I can start meeting my own needs."
–Shari A., Lyndonville, VT

"A truly profound event that opened me up, seemingly out of nowhere, that has altered my life and perhaps saved it. I am deeply grateful to you and the Universe."
–Karl V., Pittsville, MA

"I am a philosophical and zoned in person, so I thought that I knew what my emotional sludge was. I was very surprised, in fact stunned, to have the real emotional cause revealed to me."
–N.K., Louisiana

"I discovered parts of my soul that I hadn’t even realized was in pain. Now that I have found these hidden areas I am excited to start the transition of healing and becoming an emotionally healthy person."
– Lisa H., Colorado Springs, CO

"I needed this even more that I had ever imagined. Like you said, ‘The light will split you in two.’ This is what happened. It really hurt, but the healing has begun."
–Carry S., Blue Springs, MO

"I feel like I’ve been through a power wash from the inside out."
–LH, Hendersonville, NC

"I feel refreshed and renewed. Emotionally free!"
–E.F., Irvington, NY

"I feel calm, relaxed and better prepared to face some difficult issues at home."
–M.A., Alaska

"I do not have adequate words to fully express how powerful and transformative this experience has been for me. I feel a deep gratitude, relief, and a sense of renewal."
–Jennifer D., Arlington, TX

"I feel like a weight has been lifted. I am at peace for the first time in my life."
–Holly J., San Diego, CA

"This program is absolutely effective and it has given me the tools that I desperately needed."
–Sharlene E., Salt Lake City, UT

"This program gave me more than I could have ever imagined, and I have done many inner-work processes."
–J.H., New Jersey

"The combination of approaches allowed me to access tender places and toxic residue in a profound way."
–M.S., Madison, WI

"I feel as though a burden has been taken off of my shoulders."
–H.C., France

"This program is superb! I had no idea what to expect and having experienced it, I am humbled at the depth of awareness that exists here. I’m so pleased that the Universe made it possible for me to be here."
–Denise H., San Diego, CA

"I feel freer, more peaceful, more room in my heart to love-to allow affluence, more abundance, more creativity."
–Marie F., San Diego, CA

"Way above any other program that I have participated in. I didn’t know what to expect. It was way beyond my expectations. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
–Diane E., MO

"It allowed oneself to realize that you can easily follow these techniques in daily life after you leave this seminar. Thank you"
–Pam K., Ponte Verde Beach, FL

"I have never cried such BIG releasing tears in my life-thank you."
–Lynn C., Arlington Heights, IL

"This has been a profound experience which will, no doubt, change my life for the better."
–Aimee D., Columbia, MO

"One of the most important experiences of my life. I was surprised that in such a short period of time, I could go so deep and realize things that before were not obvious."
–V., Netherlands