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Happiness Rx

Understanding Buddha's teachings and relating them to a contemporary understanding of consciousness helps us to see and deal with the hidden dimensions of our lives. Deepak builds upon these principles in "The Happiness Prescription: Ten Keys to a Happy and Fulfilling Life." He will take his audience on an inspirational journey beginning with the Buddha's Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path to Enlightenment. The result is a prescription for living life mindfully, joyfully, and with effortless spontaneity — a prescription that only Deepak Chopra could write.

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Deepak Chopra by Eliza Thomas.

What is “The Happiness Prescription”?

Deepak Chopra: "Over the last five or six years, I’ve been looking at the relationship between happiness and subjective well-being. Science has focused on stress and disease for years. We know that when you’re stressed, it leads to all kinds of problems. Epidemics of our time — cardiovascular disease, cancer, infectious disease and addiction — these are all connected to stress. But [I’ve been focused on] the opposite — if you’re happy, are you healthy? Most people have the idea if I’m healthy, if I have a good relationship, or if I’m successful, I’ll be happy. But it’s the other way around. Life situations don’t make much of a difference. If you win the lottery, you’ll be happy for a little while, but after a year, you’ll be exactly where you were. People have certain setpoints in their brains for whether they look at things as problems or opportunities. That setpoint is determined almost genetically, but it can be influenced by meditation, cognitive therapy and, for some people, by antidepressant drugs that act in the very short term but can change your setpoint."

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