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Our Perfect Health program, co-created by Drs. Deepak Chopra and David Simon, will give you the tools to start living a healthy, balanced life.

Perfect Health is offered weekly at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California.

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What We're Reading

This month we’re blessed with an abundance of new books that will nourish your spirit and awaken your mind and heart to fresh possibilities and inspiration – including Deepak’s latest book, God: A Story of Revelation.

We also invite you to immerse yourself in The Secrets of Meditation: A Practical Guide to Inner Peace & Personal Transformation, a just-released book by Chopra Center master educator davidji. Those who are fascinated by scientific discovery, consciousness, and the mind will love Science Set Free: 10 Paths to New Discovery, a new book by acclaimed biologist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake.

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God: A Story of Revelation

by Dr. Deepak Chopra

Available September 25, 2012 Pre-order your copy here >>

“God is an empty term except through the revelations of all the saints, prophets, and mystics of history.  They exist to plant the seeds of spirituality as a direct experience rather than a matter of hope and faith. No one can say that God was revealed in one consistent shape delivering one consistent message – quite the opposite. Yet nearness to God is a constant. If we are connected to our souls, the connection is permanent, even if our attention falters. This journey never ends.”  –Deepak Chopra  

In Deepak Chopra’s powerful and groundbreaking book, the New York Times bestselling author explores the evolution of God. By capturing the lives of ten historical prophets, saints, mystics, and martyrs who are touched by a divine power, he reveals a riveting portrait of a constantly changing God. Our belief and therefore God itself transforms with each passing century.  In this new novel, Deepak brings to life the defining moments of our most influential sages, ultimately revealing to us universal lessons about the true nature of God.

Job in the Old Testament experienced something completely different from Paul in the New Testament; Socrates chased a mercurial spirit almost unrecognizable to the strange voice that called to Rumi, Shankara moved from town to town sharing the truth about a God that stood in marked contrast to the one that guided Anne Hutchinson – yet one sees an undeniable pattern. These visionaries took the human race down unknown roads and Deepak invites us to revisit their destinations. Tearing at our hearts and uplifting our souls, GOD leads us to a profound and life-altering understanding about the nature of belief, the power of faith, and the spirit that resides within us all.

What People Are Saying
“Deepak Chopra, the spiritual sage, has exhibited immense ambition in his latest novel, God: A Story of Revelation. His attempt to explain God makes my bones shiver. His success in defining that life-long mystery brings tears to my eyes and humbles me in gratitude. He has probed through the ages in order to write a book for the ages.”
—Maya Angelou

“Deepak Chopra has successfully blended ancient Vedanta Philosophy with his unique perspective on modern science and medicine to provide a vast audience with solutions that meet many needs for our modern age. He is among the influential scholars, authors, and thinkers who have found truth in the Perennial Philosophy and developed ways to help people apply that truth to their daily lives.”
Huston Smith, author of The World's Religions

“The line is usually drawn from God to revelation but by drawing it from revelation to God in this astonishing book, Deepak achieves two startling results. He shows that the one God need not be the same God for everyone, and that it is not necessary to see the entire staircase leading to God for us to take the first step on it.”
—Arvind Sharma, Birks Professor of Comparative Religion at McGill University

“Deepak has done it again! This marvelous book takes me back to his awesome How to Know God. This new one just brims with imagination and depth. Each story carries a profound and poignant insight, drawing you into classic moments of beauty and spirituality, exhilarating and terrifying, from all over the world. He makes them real, personal and alive. Everyone should take the journey of GOD with you!"
Robert “Tenzin Dharmakirti” Thurman
Jey Tsong Khapa Professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies, Columbia University;
co-founder and president of Tibet House US; and author of Why the Dalai Lama Matters

“Through his compelling fictionalization, Deepak Chopra offers an intriguing exposition of the evolution of human theological thought. He should have called the book ‘A Brief History of God’!”
Leonard Mlodinow, co-author (with Stephen Hawking) of The Grand Design and A Briefer History of Time

“Spiritual traditions manifest themselves most clearly in the living human beings who embody them. In this highly readable volume Deepak Chopra has told the engaging stories of a dozen of these exemplary figures. The result is both inspiring and richly enjoyable.” 
 —Harvey Cox, author of The Future of Faith


Secrets of Meditation: A Practical Guide to
Inner Peace & Personal Transformation

by davidji

Order your copy here >>

For thousands of years people have tried to tap into the stillness and silence that rests within to discover their deeper selves. In Secrets of Meditation, davidji takes you there, demystifying the practice along the way and guiding you on an epic journey into your own consciousness. Whether you are new to meditation, a crisis meditator, or someone who has been meditating for years, Secrets of Meditation will take your practice, and your life, to the next level.

In his new book, davidji shares his own meditation journey along his own path to awakening – which began at the Chopra Center’s Seduction of Spirit retreat in Oxford, England – and shares the impact a daily practice can have on your physical health, your relationships, your emotional wellbeing, and your spiritual life. As the secrets to an effortless meditation practice are revealed chapter by chapter, you will unlock the door to your own personal journey and discover what is actually supposed to happen when you close your eyes to meditate.
Davidji dedicated Secrets of Meditation to Chopra Center co-founder David Simon, M.D., who also wrote the foreword to the book.

 What People Are Saying
“Davidji’s inspiring stories of awakening gently guide the reader through the mystical world of meditation, making it practical and accessible to all who desire more present-moment awareness in their lives.”
―Deepak Chopra, M.D., co-founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing and New York Times best-selling author of Spiritual Solutions

“Davidji is a midwife of souls.”
―Jean Houston, Ph.D., best-selling author of A Passion for the Possible

“Davidji’s powerful teachings in Secrets of Meditation help open the heart of the beautiful dreamer resting deep within each of us.”
―don Miguel Ruiz, New York Times best-selling author of The Four Agreements

More about davidji
As a lead educator of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, California, davidji apprenticed for nearly a decade under Drs. Deepak Chopra and David Simon and served as the first Dean of Chopra Center University. He is a Chopra Center Vedic Master, certified to teach Primordial Sound Meditation, Perfect Health/ Ayurvedic Lifestyle, and the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga.

Known for his practical, real-world methods for connecting to our deepest self, davidji now travels throughout the world, sharing timeless wisdom for cultivating a spiritual practice,  creating work/life balance, managing stress, healing emotional pain, and finding deeper fulfillment through conscious choice making.

Davidji has created hundreds of visualizations, meditations, and online spiritual journeys, including his highly acclaimed CD collection, davidji Guided Meditations: Fill What is Empty; Empty What is Full. He has recorded more than 200 guided meditations and was a founding voice of the Chopra Center’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge. Each Wednesday, he hosts LIVE from the Sweetspot with davidji on Hay House Radio.


Science Set Free: 10 Paths to New Discovery

by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake

Order your copy here >>

“Science is ready to evolve beyond materialism and dogma. Rupert Sheldrake is a pioneer who is paving the way for the future of the sciences.”
—Deepak Chopra, M.D., coauthor of War of the Worldviews

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake’s name is synonymous with pioneering, user-friendly explorations of what was previously considered hard-and-fast science. In his bestselling book, Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home, he established himself as an expansive and innovative scientific mind. With the publication of Science Set Free: 10 Paths to New Discovery, Dr. Sheldrake challenges readers to rethink their sense of reality and what is possible.

For many of today’s foremost scientists, the world is a strictly material place, made up of dead matter, with no intrinsic purpose, value or meaning. Just consciousness is seen as solely a physical function of the brain. Dr. Sheldrake demonstrates that these principles are not incontrovertible truths, but rather assumptions that have become dangerously constrictive to the progress of real scientific discovery. With a skepticism characteristic of true scientific inquiry, he sets his sights on ten fundamental dogmas of the science, dismantling each to make room for startling new possibilities. Dr. Sheldrake is pro-science, stating, "I want the sciences to be less dogmatic and more scientific. I believe that the sciences will be regenerated when they are liberated from the dogmas that constrict them."

Sheldrake is a playful, keen, articulate observer of the universe and his thought-provoking new book explores the following questions:

  • Are memories stored as material traces? Repeated failures to find physical evidence of memories etched on the brain suggest another approach is needed. Seeing memory as a resonant phenomenon, which explains the observed phenomena of collective, cultural, and generational memory, belies the idea that memory decays at death, and has profound implications for both teaching and evolution.
  • Are the laws of nature fixed? Making universal assumptions on the basis of pre-evolutionary philosophies limits our capacity to understand change and evolution. The “laws” of nature are really more like habits – for example, crystals grow as they do because they have grown that way before.
  • Is the total amount of matter and energy always the same? In the last thirty years the total amount of matter and energy recognized by physics has increased more than twenty-fold. Dark matter and dark energy, whose nature is literally obscure, are now believed to make up more than 96 percent of reality. Can any of this newly discovered energy be tapped, with revolutionary effects on the world economy?

Dr. Sheldrake compellingly argues that long-held assumptions are now limiting scientific progress and preventing us from effectively meeting the challenges of the twenty-first century. The belief system governing conventional scientific thinking has become an act of faith. Science Set Free points the way to a return to true science, a system based on inquiry and skepticism not blind acceptance.

A well-reasoned and provocative work from one of the world’s most exciting scientific minds, Science Set Free will make you reconsider your preconceptions of the world around and within you. Read a free excerpt of Science Set Free here. 

What People Are Saying
“This provocative and engaging book will make you question basic assumptions of Western science.  I agree with Rupert Sheldrake that, among other problems, those assumptions hinder medical progress because they severely limit our understanding of health and illness. I will recommend Science Set Free to my colleagues, students, patients, and friends.”
—Andrew Weil, M.D., author of Spontaneous Happiness

“Rupert Sheldrake may be to the 21st century what Charles Darwin was to the 19th:  someone who sent science spinning in wonderfully new and fertile directions.  The only thing that is certain in science is that it will change.  In Science Set Free, Sheldrake gives us an inspiring picture of what these changes are likely to be."
—Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Reinventing Medicine
 “Science is often portrayed as a paragon of intellectual freedom. It's a quaint idea, but it's not true. Some key concepts in science have hardened into unshakeable, unquestioned dogma. Science Set Free exposes ten of the key dogmas of modern times. If even one is slightly off, then the scientific world is in for a shock, and the aftershocks will have huge impacts on technology, medicine, and religion. Rupert Sheldrake skillfully examines each dogma and argues, with evidence, that all ten dogmas are wrong. After reading this book I am persuaded that he's right. If you agree that science must be freed from the shackles of antiquated beliefs, then read this book. If you don't agree, then read it twice.”
—Dean Radin, Ph.D., author of The Conscious Universe
“This is a terrific, engrossing book that throws open the shutters to reveal our world to be so much more intriguing and profound than could ever have been supposed.”
—James Le Fanu, author of The Rise and Fall of Modern Medicine
“Certainly we need to accept the limitations of much current dogma and keep our minds as open as we reasonably can. Sheldrake may help us do so through this well-written, challenging, and always interesting book.” 
—Sir Crispin Tickell, Financial Times
“Rupert Sheldrake does science, humanity and the world at large a considerable favor.” 
—Colin Tudge, Ph.D., Independent
“A fascinating, humane, and refreshing book that any layman can enjoy. . . . Dr. Sheldrake wants to bring energy and excitement back into science . . . He has already done more than any other scientist alive to broaden the appeal of the discipline, and readers should get their teeth into the important and astounding book.”
—Jason Goodwin, Country Life

More About Dr. Rupert Sheldrake
Dr. Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist and author of more than eighty technical papers and ten books, including A New Science of Life and Dogs That Know When Their Owners Come Home. He was a Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge University, where he was director of studies in cell biology, and he was also a research fellow of the Royal Society. From 2005 to 2010, he was the director of the Perrott-Warrick Project for research on unexplained human abilities, funded from Trinity College, Cambridge University. He is currently a fellow of the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Petaluma, California, and a visiting professor at the Graduate Institute in Bethany, Connecticut. He is married, has two sons, and lives in London.

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