The Chopra Center Newsletter     Sept 2012 Edition

Learn Practical Tools to Help Expand Your Awareness

One of the keys to harnessing the potentially unlimited power of the mind is to expand your level of self-awareness. When your awareness expands, energy and information flow freely throughout your entire physiology. You're more flexible, balanced, creative, and compassionate. At this level of awareness, you have all the power you could possibly need to create a new reality of vibrant health and wellbeing.

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The Gifts of Forgiveness

One of the heaviest emotional burdens many of us carry is a lack of forgiveness – for others and for ourselves. When we hold onto resentment, shame, guilt, or pain, our entire bodymind suffers and we’re more vulnerable to illness.

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What will you manifest in 2013?

The Chopra Center invites you to take a first look at the transformational programs we have planned for 2013. With brand-new events, exciting destination workshops in locations like Whistler, B.C., and beautiful Asilomar in northern California, and guest luminaries such as Dr. Jean Houston and Andrew Weil, M.D., 2013 promises to be a year of expansive growth.

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