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Decoding Deepak . . .a love letter to my dad

Dear Chopra Center Community,

As many of you know, for the past year or so I have been working on a very special film project entitled Decoding Deepak – a feature documentary film on my dad, Deepak Chopra. On Friday October 5, the film was released in select theaters around the U.S. and made available on demand (you can find more info at Depending on how the film performs, it will expand into other theaters and hopefully become available somewhere close to you in the next few weeks and months!

It goes without saying that this is a truly special project for me, not only because it was made over the course of a year-long road trip I embarked on with my father, but because really it’s thirty-seven years in the making as I have attempted to understand not just my father, but my relationship with him. Be advised that this film is an honest portrayal of my dad. It pulls no punches and at times is even snarky and skeptical – in a way familiar to many father and son relationships. The film definitely peeks behind the curtain and offers glimpses into his history, genesis into a bestselling author and teacher, private life, and even some of his clear contradictions and existential struggles. Still – and I’ll spare you the suspense – the movie is also a bit of a love letter to my dad . . . and to you, his loyal audience.

You see – over the last two decades, I have met many of you at courses, at the Chopra Center, in my parents’ home, and elsewhere, and I have gained a great and deep admiration for you. While making this film, it became very clear to me that my father – while admirable for his relentless pursuit of knowledge and his understanding of consciousness – is largely the product of you, his audience. He has a restlessness to communicate with you, share with you, and build with you a critical mass that he believes will truly transform the world for the better. And I can say from firsthand insight that my dad loves all of you and truly appreciates your continued support and interest in all he does.

On behalf of all of my family – myself; my wife, Candice; my mom and dad; my sister, Mallika; and her husband, Sumant; as well as our children, Krishu, Tara, and Leela – we all consider you our extended family. It’s for this reason that I am actually nervous for how this film will be received by you but also truly value your feedback. I hope you’ll watch the film and share your thoughts with me.

Thanks in advance and be gentle :)

– Gotham Chopra

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