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Healing the Heart / Free to Love Workshop

If you’re seeking to heal from a painful experience, event, or relationship, the Healing the Heart / Free to Love workshop will help you heal your heart, find freedom from the past, and rediscover love and joy.

Healing the Heart / Free to Love is an intensive 3-day workshop where you will be guided in a powerful process developed by Dr. David Simon to identify, release, and heal stored emotional pain. Over the years, thousands have benefitted from the Healing the Heart / Free to Love process for a variety of difficult life situations, including:

• Healing from divorce and break-up
• Releasing regret, resentment, and anger
• Making peace with a parent, spouse, or friend
• Recovering from loss and setbacks
• Finding forgiveness

In the safe, compassionate setting of the Chopra Center, you will finally let go of the toxic emotions, painful memories, and conditioned beliefs that have kept you from experiencing your essential wholeness and lovability.   

Intention of the Heart

A Message from David Simon

Although relatively few of us were told during our upbringing that the expansion of happiness is the purpose of life, most people sense somewhere in their soul that more joy ought to be part of the equation. How, then, do we move from a state of constriction to a state of ever greater freedom and happiness? The first step towards genuine awakening is setting the intention . . . deciding to live a life that reflects your right to happiness.

This requires the recognition that you have the capacity to change the plotline of your life, even if you’ve been acting from the same script since before you can remember. It requires the recognition that you are the only one who cares enough about your happiness to make it a driving force.

No matter what has happened in your life up until this point, you have the right and the capacity to be happier.

If you are struggling with pain from the past that is preventing you from experiencing happiness in the present, I encourage you to take steps to release this emotional toxicity and set yourself free. Life is too short and too miraculous an opportunity for love for you to keep carrying this load.

There are many paths to emotional freedom, and having supervised people individually and in group settings, I know that there is tremendous value in having guides and allies can help you on your journey to emotional freedom. For this reason, the Chopra Center offers the Free to Love workshop, where participants can experience a powerful emotional healing process in a safe, comfortable setting. Free to Love is an intensive yet nurturing process in which you’re guided to identify where you’re holding emotional toxicity, take steps to release it, reestablish the healthy flow of life energy, and finally release yourself from the pain of the past.

If you have doubts about your ability to heal, please know that in my work with thousands of people over the past three decades, I have seen time and again that when individuals are willing to do the work of releasing the toxic emotions they’ve been carrying, and begin thinking and doing things differently, healing and transformation can occur.


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