The Chopra Center Newsletter     Nov 2011 Edition 

8 Ways to Get into the Best Mind-Body Shape

Experiencing optimal health and vitality doesn’t require high doses of willpower or effort – in fact, trying too hard often creates resistance that dampens our enthusiasm and depletes our energy. It’s much more effective to focus on practices that enhance our mind-body dialogue.

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Davidji's Boundless Appreciation

In this month of gratitude, davidji reflects on the blessings and gifts he has experienced at the Chopra Center.

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Learn about the intimate link between the emotional and physical heart ― and learn how releasing emotional stress helps protect your heart and health.

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by Traci Porterfield

If you’re single and feeling blue about the holidays, this guide to self-care will help you experience more love, joy, and peace.

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Meditation is a systematic technique for releasing stress, restoring balance, and protecting your peace of mind. If you can breathe, you can learn to meditate.


In Gratitude

Experiencing gratitude is one of the most effective ways of getting in touch with your soul. When you’re in touch with your soul, you eavesdrop on the thoughts of the universe. You feel connected to everything in creation. You embrace the wisdom of uncertainty and you sense yourself as a field of infinite possibilities. 

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