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Healing the Heart Workshop

If you’re seeking to heal from a painful experience, event, or relationship, the Healing the Heart workshop will help you heal your heart, find freedom from the past, and rediscover love and joy.

Healing the Heart is an intensive 3-day workshop where you will be guided in a powerful process developed by Dr. David Simon to identify, release, and heal stored emotional pain. Over the years, thousands have benefitted from the Healing the Heartprocess for a variety of difficult life situations, including:

• Healing from divorce and break-up
• Releasing regret, resentment, and anger
• Making peace with a parent, spouse, or friend
• Recovering from loss and setbacks
• Finding forgiveness

In the safe, compassionate setting of the Chopra Center, you will finally let go of the toxic emotions, painful memories, and conditioned beliefs that have kept you from experiencing your essential wholeness and lovability.   

Healing the Heart

Most people are well aware of the major risk factors for coronary heart disease, but the strong influence of emotional well-being on heart disease is generally less well known.

Read Dr. David’s Simon’s article on the intimate link between the emotional and physical heart ― and learn how releasing emotional stress can protect your heart and total well-being.

This article was featured in this month’s issue of Tathaastu magazine, a beautiful publication devoted to Eastern healing wisdom for the body, mind, and soul.  Visit Tathaastu here >>

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