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Change the World. Become a Teacher.
Your path begins here . . .

For more than 15 years, Chopra Center University has been committed to helping people expand their awareness of yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda.

Our global network of more than 1,500 certified instructors now spans six continents and is felt in more than 500 cities around the world.

Whether you are looking to become a certified teacher of this timeless wisdom or simply immerse in the teachings in order to take your life to the next level, Chopra Center University provides you with a powerful platform and process of growth, healing, and personal development.

The Teachers Path

As a certified Chopra Center instructor, will be a core part of our worldwide network of educators and receive ongoing support in developing your practice, teaching, and business.

We are pleased to offer three areas of certification:

Primordial Sound Meditation

If you have fallen in love with meditation, want to deepen your practice, or have the desire to share this tradition with those in your life, the Primordial Sound Meditation certification program is for you.

May 14–20, 2012
October 1–7, 2012

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Perfect Health/Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Learn how to teach the healing principles and practices of Ayurveda at the Perfect Health instructor certification program – a beautifully designed course that culminates in a seven-day intensive training taught by Chopra Center University’s master educators.

June 18–24, 2012
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Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga*

Become certified to teach this unique, consciousness-based yoga practice that combines asana, meditation, mantras, and pranayama with the timeless principles of Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. No matter what style of yoga you currently practice, Chopra Yoga will deepen your experience of yoga’s true purpose: the union of mind, body, and spirit.

August 20–26, 2012 (Part A)
November 12–18, 2012 (Part B)

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*A Yoga Alliance 200-hour compliant program.

Boundless Appreciation

Almost ten years ago, at a crossroads in my life, I traveled to Oxford, England, to attend the Seduction of Spirit meditation retreat featuring Deepak Chopra. The experience touched me in ways I could never have anticipated. Over seven days, it transformed every cell in my body, and I connected to several fellow attendees who to this day are among my closest and dearest friends.

I have always been a seeker – but months later when I returned from a spiritual trek through India, those same friends advised me to become a meditation teacher. I contacted the Chopra Center, and my program consultant guided me to my next step – Journey into Healing. I enrolled on the Primordial Sound Meditation Teachers Path and a few months later headed out to Carlsbad to experience the co-founders in action.

Journey into Healing blew my mind. What I thought would be a medical conference was a beautiful immersion into Ayurveda and mind-body medicine. That week inspired me even further, and when the workshop concluded on Bastille Day (July 14), I pledged my heart and my life to the Chopra Center so that others could experience the powerful transformation I had just experienced. A month later, I became a certified Primordial Sound Meditation teacher.

The Divine Journey

After six months of volunteering, I was ready to return home to the East coast, when Deepak and David approached me and asked me to stay forever. What a divine journey it has been! I have had the privilege of teaching Primordial Sound Meditation to the tens of thousands of new meditators who have attended Seduction of Spirit, Journey into Healing, SynchroDestiny, A Weekend Within, and other events – including the 5,000 guests who have come to the Chopra Center to experience our Perfect Health program over the past decade.

Last week as David Simon and I gazed into his koi pond reflecting upon life, we giggled at the fact that I have been in a unique position to have taught and connected with virtually every Chopra Center guest who has experienced an event with us. It made me stop and reflect on life, karma, dharma, fulfillment, happiness, and why we are on this planet . . . what have we been put here to do?

I don’t know the long-term answer to that. I do know that it has been the greatest joy in my life to help those who come to the Chopra Center receive the gift of meditation as it was so lovingly taught to me by my teachers. And now as the Dean of Chopra Center University, I am privileged to work alongside the director, Teresa Long, and the amazing CCU team as we help those on the Teachers Path learn, share, teach, and master the timeless wisdom of yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, conscious communication, and Vedanta.

Coming Full Circle

This month, fifty-one sweet meditators looking for deeper meaning in their lives graduated as certified Primordial Sound Meditation teachers. After spending months with them in webinars, teleconferences, events, and our week-long intensive training, to personally hand them their certificates and witness the depth of their commitment brought me full circle. Gratitude is the sole emotion that wells up when I reflect on my journey and the thousands who have journeyed with me. I am grateful for the sweet connections I have made with fellow travelers on this amazing expedition we call life.

I was so lost before I attended that very first Seduction of Spirit. Having forged a powerful daily practice with the guidance and support of the Chopra Center has allowed me to be a better version of myself. When I look into the eyes of a Chopra Center guest, I often see myself as I was ten years ago. I see my pain, my confusion, and my lack of clarity. But I also see light at the end of the tunnel because I know that once they are meditating and once they have connected with these timeless teachings, their pain will turn to relief and their lack of clarity will slowly crystallize into their own aha! moment.

What Am I Grateful for?

My greatest joy is to walk with people where I have journeyed, knowing their deeper fulfillment is just around the corner. This is only possible because others have been there for me. I am in deep gratitude for the selfless mentoring showered on me by Deepak, David, Roger Gabriel, and the magnificent teachers who have shown me such love and friendship, including Marianne Williamson, Louise Hay, Don Miguel Ruiz, Vamadeva Shastri, and Drs. Wayne Dyer, Suhas Kshirsagar, Dan Vicario, Jamie Jones, and Valencia Porter. I have the deepest appreciation for Louise Hay and everyone at Hay House Radio, who each week produce Live from the Chopra Center, helping me connect with loving souls throughout the world.

What am I grateful for? I’m grateful that there was a Chopra Center for me to come to. And I am grateful that my dharma allows me to connect to all of you in our extended global family.



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