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May Radio Show Schedule

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Healing Wisdom – Live your DREAM Life
with Susan McCabe and special guest, Sara Harvey

Are you feeling drained, out of balance, or plagued by stress? On this month’s Healing Wisdom radio show, certified Perfect Health instructor Sara Harvey will share the five keys to renewal and vital energy: improving your digestion, getting restful sleep, moving your body, expanding personal growth, and finding inner calm through meditation.

Join us for an inspiring conversation and get practical tips to start feeling better today!

If you have a question on this show topic, please submit it in the field on this page and the host may address you personally during the show!

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REPLAY: Let Go and Be Easy On Yourself

Wednesday, May 18 | 3–4 p.m. (PST)

So often in life our mind resists what is, wanting things to be different. Most of us carry a script in our heads with the expectations of what should occur next, how someone should react, what we should say, and how the next moment should unfold. In this episode, explore the profound value in quieting your inner critic and letting go of resistance with davidji.

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The Law of Giving and Receiving

Wednesday, May 25 | 3–4 p.m. (PST)

The universe operates through dynamic exchange. Giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe which keeps its abundance circulating in our lives. Join davidji for this third show in our 10-part series on the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success for an engaging conversation on balancing this exchange of energy.

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Co-Creating with the Universe

At our very core we are stillness and silence – pure unbounded consciousness. Yet as a multidimensional being, our DNA is wrapped in a layer of food known as flesh; our mind is filled with emotions, beliefs, thoughts, and conditioning; and our soul, which holds our unique memories and desires, is our personal connection to the divine flow of the cosmos.  Davidji explores this interconnectivity with the divine flow as we celebrate Earth Day and the blessings of our eco-system, joined by special guest, Dr. Nathan Daley, a leading visionary in preventive health care, mind-body medicine, and environmental health.

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