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Healing Wisdom
with Susan McCabe and special guest Sara Harvey

Living Your DREAM Life.

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Living your DREAM Life:

How to Make Ayurveda Work for You

By Sara Harvey

Note from the Editor: This month we’re pleased to feature guest contributor Sara Harvey, who has used her unique gifts and talents as a member of the Chopra Center staff for more than seven years. As a certified Perfect Health instructor and director of sales, Sara not only has a full-time job at the Center but is also on the Teachers Path to become a Primordial Sound Meditation instructor and is a single mother of two beautiful children, ages five and eight.

Anyone with such a full schedule would find it a challenge to practice self-care and time for meditation, exercise, and other tools for well-being, yet through a process of experimenting and learning, Sara has found practical ways to do just that. In her article this month, she shares many valuable tips for anyone in search of work-life balance and peace of mind.

Almost two years ago, I attended the Chopra Center’s Perfect Health with Panchakarma program, and the experience was transformational. The classes were chock full of valuable tips to help live a healthy, balanced lifestyle from the perspective of Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old healing system that originated in India.

In fact, so many tips and tools were provided that initially I felt a sense of overwhelm. In my day-to-day life, I barely had time to breathe. My passions include being a mom, swimming, speaking foreign languages, international travel, and a challenging job. My dosha is Vata and my biggest vice is iced tea . . . more about that later. Between my personal and my professional life, I am in “go mode” most of the time. My immediate reaction to stress is worry and overwhelm.

I wondered how I would ever put all the valuable techniques I learned at Perfect Health in place in my busy, fast-paced schedule. I had to come up with a way to move beyond the excuses and obstacles and begin to make some changes. Knowing my dosha was Vata, I reviewed each of the dosha-balancing tools I had learned and determined which ones would help me to live my life in a state of vibrant health and help keep my Vata nature in balance. I narrowed it down to five core principles and practices to help me live my DREAM life, which I define as a balanced state of health and well-being. I call it my DREAM life because each of the letters in the word dream represents one of my core practices – Digestion, Rest, Exercise, Awakening my Mind, and Meditation. Let’s look at each of these practices in more detail . . . Click to read the rest of Sara's DREAM Life >>

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