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Healing the Heart Workshop
June 1–3, 2012

If you’re seeking to heal from a painful experience, event, or relationship, the Healing the Heart workshop will help you heal your heart, find freedom from the past, and rediscover love and joy.

Healing the Heart is an intensive 3-day workshop where you will be guided in a powerful process developed by
Dr. David Simon to identify, release, and heal stored emotional pain.

In the safe, compassionate setting of the Chopra Center, you will finally let go of the toxic emotions, painful memories, and conditioned beliefs that have kept you from experiencing your essential wholeness and lovability.

Embrace Uncertainty

Editor’s Note: The following is an inspirational excerpt from one of David Simon’s many writings.

The mythological realm of the human mind has given rise to stories about what might happen if you were able to get everything you wanted. From turning whatever you touched into gold to having the power to make someone fall madly in love with you, archetypal stories remind us that absolute control over our destiny may not be as attractive as it seems.

Uncertainty is an essential component of a miraculous life. It is the delicious weaving of intention with surrender that keeps us perpetually awake and connected to the creative force of the universe. We get clear on what we want to manifest, stay in present moment, and observe with conscious curiosity what unfolds.

The second chapter of the great epic the Bhagavad Gita reminds us that we have control over our choices, but not over the consequences of our choices. In a powerful passage, cosmic intelligence in the form of Krishna enlightens humanity in the form of Arjuna in the skill set of effective actions. Arjuna is told, “You have control over the action alone, never over its fruits. Live not for the fruits of action, nor attach yourself to inaction.”

This does not imply that we should act without concern for outcome, or stop acting, for this isn’t possible. In fact, it is the anticipation of the fruit that induces us to act in the first place. Knowing this we take a step in the direction that seems to be most evolutionary for us and trust that either we will get what we want or we will learn something of great value.

David Simon, M.D. was a best-selling author, mind-body healing pioneer, and co-founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing. Please visit for more inspiration.

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