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March Radio Show Schedule

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March 9: Thoughts Happen

We live our lives in activity. We have between 60,000 and 80,000 thoughts a day. That’s about 1.2 thoughts every second. They’re coming . . . you will not stop them . . . so don’t even try. In the second show of our Meditation Series, davidji will dispel the belief that meaningful meditation is thought-free. Join us for another hour of meditation inspiration, including tips and practices to make peace with your thoughts and improve your meditation experience.

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March 16: Healing Wisdom – Balancing your Mind, Body,
and Spirit

with Dr. Sheila Patel

Join us for our brand new monthly show, Healing Wisdom, where you’ll learn practical tips for achieving total wellbeing from the Chopra Center’s medical staff and master educators, as they guide you on a transformative healing journey based on the Chopra Center’s three pillars of wisdom:  the ancient Indian healing system of Ayurveda, meditation, and yoga. In our first show, join Dr. Sheila Patel, for a fascinating discussion on understanding your mind-body constitution known as your dosha, and how bringing it into balance is fundamental to your overall wellbeing.

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March 23: Creating a Meditation Practice that Lasts

When we’re creating a self-nurturing new pattern in our life, such as exercising regularly or adding a mind-quieting practice like meditation, one of the most effective ways to transform our good intentions into consistent habits is through the power of ritual. In the third show of our Meditation Series, davidji shares a meditation ritual that has allowed him to NEVER miss a morning meditation. Learn how to weave meditation into your daily set of rituals so that it becomes an effortless, natural, and rejuvenating part of your day.

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