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Join us for the Chopra Center's all-new 21-Day Meditation Challenge!

Free to all who register, the Chopra Center’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge™ has already helped tens of thousands of participants experience the many benefits of meditation ― including stress relief, restful sleep, and decreased depression, as well as greater physical vitality, enhanced creativity, and sharper focus. Learn more here >>

Starting Monday, July 16, this life-transforming experience is free to all who register via Facebook or at

When we move forward in life from the present moment, there are infinite possibilities. When we come from the past, we are mired in all the interpretations, and stories we’ve told ourselves and others. Read more from davidji >>

Learn Mind-Body Balance at Journey into Healing

It’s summertime in the Northern Hemisphere, and in Ayurveda this is the season that corresponds to the Pitta dosha, which is the principle of heat, light, and transformation. In the heat of summer, making choices that are cooling, sweet, and stabilizing will help you stay balanced and vibrant.

Read more about Mind-Body Balance and Healing >>

by David Simon, M.D.

The great paradox of exploring silence is that ultimately we can’t experience it with our mind or encapsulate its essence in words. To enter a deep state of stillness and silence, we have to go beyond the mind’s constant stream of thoughts into the field of pure awareness. In our dynamic, goal-oriented world, we don’t usually spend much time or attention cultivating this quality of awareness, but it has been my experience that learning to surrender to silence nurtures all aspects of life.

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