The Chopra Center Newsletter     July 2012 Edition

THE CHOPRA WELL is where some of Deepak's most direct communicaton to you will take place. The channel will allow you to connect with Deepak in very excitng, immediate and profound ways.

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Preview Spiritual Solutions

A first look at one of the shows premiering on Deepak Chopra's new YouTube channel: The Chopra Well!

Based on Deepak’s best­selling book of the same name, Spiritual Solutions helps viewers develop answers to lifeʼs greatest challenges from a spiritual perspective.

Each episode features Deepak Chopra speaking with people from many locations and walks of life. Viewers also upload video questions for Deepak from all corners of the country and the globe. Spiritual Solutions provides tools and strategies to enable you to meet lifeʼs difficulties from within and experience a sense of genuine fulfillment and purpose.

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New to YouTube?

Don’t worry – joining and subscribing is really pretty quick and easy (and definitely worthwhile). Just watch the video below, in which Deepak gets some expert advice on how to create a YouTube account and subscribe to The Chopra Well:

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