The Chopra Center Newsletter     July 2011 Edition 

Explore your SynchroDestiny

From the moment we become aware of the world around us, we begin to wonder about our place within it. The questions we ask are timeless: Why am I here? How do I fit into the scheme of things? What is my destiny? Meditation and positive inner dialogue help us move in the right direction, foster synchronicity, and fulfill our deepest desires and destiny.

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Manifesting Her Desires

Certified instructor Siobhán Mckenna used the principles of SynchroDestiny and won a three-book publishing contract with one of Ireland’s top publishers.

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Am I Lovable?

We arrive in this world open and innocent, with an unquestioning belief in our lovability, yet as adults many of us feel undeserving of love and happiness. By reconnecting to our true nature, we can reclaim our birthright of love.

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By Valencia Porter, M.D.

If you suffer from sleep disturbances such as insomnia, most likely you aren’t enjoying optimal levels of health and vitality. This month, Dr. Valencia Porter offers you a practical prescription for restoring your natural sleep patterns and getting the rest you need.

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Chopra Center Radio:

Don't miss our interview with special guest John Gray, author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

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Are You Ready to Experience Perfect Health?

Keeping our bodymind in balance is the foundation for perfect health. In summer we’re more prone to imbalances in our Pitta dosha – the principle of fire and water – so here are 7 ways to keep your Pitta cool and happy, including a delicious recipe for raspberry sorbet!

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