The Chopra Center Newsletter     Jan 2012 Edition 

Learn Daily Practices for Health and Wholeness

There is a growing body of research establishing the inextricable connection of the mind, body, and spirit – and the value of health practices that encompass all three aspects. The following guide to holistic health won’t tell you what kind of diet to follow or whether you need to take vitamins.  It will instead help you experience your own innate wholeness – and your own inextricable connection to the universe – as you nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

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Create More Love, Gratitude, and Joy in 2012

By cultivating present moment awareness and establishing yourself in oneness, your intentions will reflect your deepest desires and life purpose.



21 Days of Inspiration

Our brand-new online program will help you fulfill your intentions and desires for 2012 – and beyond.

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Deepak guides you through a meditation that will help you harness the infinite organizing power of intention.

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Diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions and is the seventh leading cause of death in the U.S. By taking a fresh look at the comprehensive knowledge base of Ayurveda, we can become better able to prevent, treat, and manage this complex disease. Read more >>



Choosing Intentions that Are
Right for You

You are most likely to make evolutionary choices and follow through when your body, mind, and soul are in alignment with an intention. This month David offers a powerful guide to creating intentions that unite these three aspects of yourself – and ensure the greatest possibility of fulfilling your dreams.

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